Worry Less to Better Manage Stress

Worry Less to Better Manage Stress Worried Woman
Worry can be destructive to our emotional health. Here are some tips that can help better manage stress.


Worrying about something stressful that happened in our lives is only human. The problem is that dwelling on that negative emotion does not get us any closer to resolving the situation. Instead, constantly worrying only drains our energy to lock us into an emotional bind to continue suffering. However, let me share some helpful strategies to help overcome worrying so that you stand a better chance to worry less.

Take Time Out to Just Chill Helps You Worry Less

Worry can be a consuming emotion. When you keep focusing on fear, anger, frustration and all those other negative emotions that keep eating at you, then you give the stressful situation control. Worrying keeps you at a standstill. You can’t move past the problem when you’re too preoccupied on its aftereffects.

A simple first step is to find a way to separate from the stressful situation. Sometimes, if you just let the problem go while you relax with another task or activity can be enough to help end this worrying cycle. What you originally were so worried about may not be as bad as you first thought once you calm down. Often, that time you allow yourself to forget about the problem can clear the mind. You could gain a completely different prospective or how to see a solution.

Put Your Worries to Paper for a Realistic View

Something as simple as writing about whatever stressful problem it is can paint in details that could help you better see the reasons for your worrying. Look at the details of what you write to see if they are truly justified or just overblown reactions. Nonetheless, the mere process of jotting down the problem can free the mind of this burden.

Consider writing about the problem for being honest with yourself. Once you finish giving credence to that particular worry, then promise yourself that you understand the reasons for that anguish and move on.

Destroy the paper with your problem. This simple act can be an emotional release that you won’t let that worry to continue dominating your existence.

Stand Up for Yourself and Learn to Say No

How many of us are too afraid to hurt another’s feelings or risk our jobs that we take on a project or go along with something despite not always being comfortable? Perhaps, another person at your child’s school nominated you for the bake sale committee or to chaperone for a school trip before you had a chance to speak up. If so, you might only reluctantly commit to this project even though you already have too many things on your schedule. Instead, find your voice and learn to become more assertive by saying no can end needless worrying.

Verbalize a Strong Stance About Your Problem Can Lessen Worrying

Despite our best efforts, stressful problems have a way of creeping back into our minds. We don’t intentionally invite them, but they can be persistent. To protect ourselves from falling victim to worrying, another helpful tactic is verbalizing your strength to fight worrying in words. The next time you feel that problem returning, uttering words of strength such as “no more” out loud can help give you more power over the situation.

Imprison Worries and Free Yourself by Seeing Positive Outcomes Help Lessen Stress

Worries are ruthless to our well-being. You might consider them the jailers that keep us prisoners. The only way to free yourself is reversing roles. Therefore, close the door to those worries and escape that prison cell by imaging a better outcome to whatever is causing the worry. A positive attitude gives you clarity to visualize hope and ways to accomplish practically anything.

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Stress and worrying can put us in a bad place. How do you manage your worrying? If there is something special that you do? Please do share.



  1. Aubrey Scott Daniels
    May 22, 2018 / 11:38 am

    Great information!! Thanks for sharing

  2. ellen beck
    July 21, 2018 / 8:41 pm

    I actually try and practice ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ mantra. We have had many trials and such over the years and I have found although you will worry, it is best to save the worry for larger things and even then, worrying doesn’t do much good. Thats not to say I still dont just it has become easier to put things in perspective.

  3. Lynne B
    December 29, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    I like using the pen and paper strategy to help manage stress. Writing it down and listing what I can do is very helpful to me. Something about it being in black and white is liberating.

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