For the Love of Flora Apothecary Subscription Box

For the Love of Flora Subscription Box
All the herbs used in Twin Star’s For the Love of Flora Subscription Box are wild crafted and organically grown.


For the Love of Flora Apothecary Subscription Box offers a way to experience the healing wonders of herbs and nature itself through hand-crafted formulas to remedy the body and mind from the herbalists at Twin Star Community Apothecary in Connecticut. I had the chance to review this lovingly crafted wellness box where all the herbs are organically grown.

Each For the Love of Flora Apothecary Subscription Box Has Six Herbal Remedies

Each monthly box offers six herbal remedies from teas, sacred oils, balms, bath blends, elixirs, roll-ons, spritzers to a herbal smudge for improving the energy that surrounds you for a price of $43 with free United States shipping. International shipping is available with a pull down menu of countries and shipping rates.

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Let me show you what I found among the products. Here is what arrived.

For the Love of Flora Subscription Box for June 2018

1. Twin Star Full Moon Tea (½ oz.)
2. Twin Star Lavender Bath Fizz
3. Twin Star Dandelion Muscle Relax (1 oz.)
4. Twin Star Rescue Red Rose (½ oz.)
5. Twin Star Calendula After Bath Spray (1 oz.)
6. Twin Star Loving Balance Spritzer (2 oz.)

The Full Moon Tea is a loose mixture that will require a tea ball or wrapping in a tea bag to benefit a woman’s unique chemistry. It has nettle, red raspberry, lemon balm, oats and rose hips and petals. It has a different, but pleasant taste that is slightly bitter.

The Lavender Bath Fizz is one of my favorites for soothing a tired body and mind. Muscles benefit from the invigorated bath that has Epsom salt, olive oil, and baking soda among its ingredients as well as lavender to calm the mood.

Another herbal find was Twin Star’s Dandelion Muscle Relax. This product treats tense muscles and tension with dandelion, olive oil and lavender essential oil. After working on the computer all day, rubbing my neck and shoulders was a good feeling.

The Rescue Red Rose is a bottle of rose powered herbal drops that is to help you after a traumatic or especially stressful day. The formula has a five-flower formula essence in it to boost the calming effects of three to five drops taken orally. I didn’t try this yet until I check with my doctor to see if it would interfere with any medications.

The Calendula After Bath Spray is the reward that you skin will adore once you emerge from your bath or shower. This product moisturizes the skin with avocado oil and calendula petals while leaving a lovely scent of ylang-ylang in the process.

Loving Balance, the Divine Love Spritzer was the last product in this box. This is a beautiful blend of floral such as rose, chicory, red chestnut, beech & holly and other essential oils that can be used a light body or room spray.

If you enjoy trying new products and are especially curious about herbal remedies, then Twin Star’s For the Love of Flora Subscription Box is for you. Check out the company’s website because it is a fascinating box to be sure.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    June 27, 2018 / 7:39 am

    This sounds really nice. I think I would love the Twin Star Lavender Bath Fizz.

    • nuts4stuff
      June 27, 2018 / 9:31 am

      It does perk a tired body up.

  2. Lynne B
    December 16, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    I think my sister-in-law would enjoy a subscription like this. She uses quite a bit of natural and organic products.

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