Remix Your Wardrobe for Fall/Winter 2019 and Save

fashion show for fall/winter 2019 fashion
Fall/winter 2019 fashion will show a lot of fringes and wide sleeves.


Updating fashion for a new season doesn’t have to put you in debt. Nonetheless, you can still be stylish just by mixing a few select new pieces into what you may already own. The trick to successfully attempting to remix your wardrobe for fall/winter 2019 is starting with the neutral pieces that you own.

Black, navy, brown, gray, beige, khaki pants, skirts, and suits are great basics. An easy way to keep them current for next season is by adding a new top. For instance, floral and animal prints as well as neon colors are big for fall/winter 2019. Adding a new chic top or two can be enough to set off your older piece for fresh new looks. White trousers also will be a wonderful piece that you can build upon in the same way.

Some ideas for neutral dresses are layering, perhaps with an animal print coat or a cape, which is even more important for fall/winter 2019 fashion than the dependable trench coat.

fashion for fall/winter 2019
You can belt and drape a cape over a monochrome outfit to give your fashion style freshness for the new season.

Tailored suits will be popular as well, especially plaids and tweeds. You can have fun mixing a neutral jacket with a plaid or tweed skirt or pants from your new suit for a change.

Another way to update a neutral dress is wearing it with a new plaid or tweed jacket that you just may have purchased and want to wear it differently.

A classic straighter dress style in a solid neutral also can be updated by a wide belt or some oversized jewelry. To be on trend, try adding a western influence to the outfit with some distinctive silver and turquoise jewelry because western styles are also going to be the rage for fall/winter 2019 fashion just as big, bulky jewelry will dominate.

Fringes and soft leathers will be dominating fashion next season as well. If you have a fringed jacket, handbag or some other pieces with fringes, pull them out.

If you have some knit tops in your closet, you can work a new look by buying a new skirt such as one of the busy prints.

What is considered fashionable is mixing designs of your top with another of your skirt. You could pull out an old geometric patterned top or one with polka dots or stripes, etc. and mismatch it with whatever new design pattern of your skirt that you buy. I personally think this is an unattractive look that confuses the eye, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You probably might have a puffy or faux fur coat or jacket in your closet. These will be popular styles as well. The new updates of this style are brighter pastel accenting in sections or the entire coat or jacket in a multitude of unexpected colors.

What I’m saying is that you can still look great and freshen up your wardrobe just by incorporating a few of the right new pieces into your closet for being trendy for fall/winter 2019 fashion.


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  1. Lynne B
    December 22, 2018 / 7:13 am

    I love a good animal print accessory.

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