How to Better Communicate With a Hair Stylist

how to better communicate with a hair stylist
Communicating what you want to the stylist and clearly understanding each other is vital for the best outcome.


How many times have you sat in a stylist’s chair and tried to convey the hairstyle that you had in mind? When you thought that your message was understood by the hair stylist, you later found something completely different is on your head. Instead of returning home disappointed and unhappy because of a failure in communicating, here are some suggestions in how to better communicate with a hair stylist for the best outcome and style that you intended.

Communicate With a Hair Stylist by Using the Right Hair Terms

Though you may have visions in your head about what you want to do with your hair, it is often difficult to explain your ideas in words. For example, take the desire you might want for some layering in your hair. If you just say that you want layering, you could end up with an entire layered hairstyle when you intended just some slight layering to frame your face. Be specific in what you want done before the scissors come out.

Words can be taken the wrong way when you are vague in your description. Be as precise as you can in how much hair to cut instead of guessing. Do you want just a trim that is typically one-half inch or more gone? Reinforce your words by showing the amount to cut with your fingers to better communicate with a hair stylist.

“Bob” is another word that can be easily misunderstood. Communicate with a hair stylist what he or she meant by the type of bob. Maybe the stylist pictures a short bob with movement. Then again, he or she could be thinking of an extremely short bob, which can make a major difference in what you originally wanted. A bob could also be a squared-off, rounded, straight or curly.

Avoid asking for a new style that is suddenly the rage unless you actually saw someone wearing it. Seeing a trendy style in person tells you a lot more than one staged shot or two in a magazine to discover if it is really right for you. You might find out that the style isn’t as beautiful as you originally thought when you see more of it.

Be Realistic About Your Lifestyle to Best Communicate With a Hair Stylist

Naturally, you want to look as glamourous as possible. Even though you may have your heart set on a certain style, you need to think carefully about its maintenance. Do you have the time and effort it might take every day to keep the style gorgeous? Communicate with a hair stylist how much time you want to spend on this hairstyle can prevent regrets later.

Trust the Expert Advice Given When You Communicate With a Hair Stylist

Sometimes, you can’t always have the sought after style for one reason or another. You could have forceful, down growing hair when you desperately want to grow out bangs. Trust the stylist when he or she says that growing those bangs out in hopes of wearing them upward has a slim chance of working. As a trained professional, the stylist knows his business. He or she understands how hair grows and takes into consideration the hairs weight when offering that opinion. Take this expert advice of a stylist to heart.

If a stylist tries to tell you that a particular style you want is wrong for your face, he or she knows about hair texture, body proportions and facial shapes so listen. A good stylist can further narrow the type of style that can best work with your features as well.

When you are able to better communicate with a hair stylist and have mutual understanding of what you want to achieve with your hair, then you’ll avoid any hair misery afterwards.



  1. ellen beck
    July 20, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    I am horrible at this. I mean horrible. I dont know what works and am alway either trusting the stylist and end up with some crazy cut or get it all cut off. I am only confident in bangsworn on he side, and I wear my hair long as I donate. I am getting a bit old for long hair and want a new style!

    • nuts4stuff
      July 21, 2018 / 2:47 pm

      Do you donate hair for cancer victims or something on that order?

  2. ellen beck
    July 21, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    Yes, I have donated for a very long time. I am lucky my hair grows fairly quickly. I think thats my justification for not styling it like I should sometimes, but I actually feel pretty good about donating. My husband also has donated for many years – yes, he is one of those ‘long haired’ guys you see. Now he has beautiful hair…. a light brown with wonderful curls. The kind of hair women envy (even me)
    Oddly enough, my husband got cancer himself and is in remission. We would have to go by the kids ward on his way to appointments. We would see the kids we would possibly be donating to, and see some of the kids with their ‘new hair’
    I wish more did donate, it does take a bit of commitment in not dying, and treating it almost like youre waiting, but it is so easy to do, and hair grows back 🙂

    • nuts4stuff
      July 22, 2018 / 5:32 am

      What a beautiful thing that you and your husband do. I’m just sorry to hear he got cancer himself, but am glad to hear that he is in remission. Just know that both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Lynne B
    December 12, 2018 / 11:17 am

    I try to always have a picture of the style I want. If the hairstylist is any good, they’ll tell me if my hair texture will mesh with it or not.

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