DIY Mint Foot Soak for Sore Feet Cools and Invigorates Abused Feet

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When your feet are tired and hurt, you want quick relief to end the suffering. After all, sore feet take a toll on you physically but also on your mood. Instead of letting the pain damper your spirits and ruin everything for the rest of your day, I have another wonderful foot soak for sore feet that cools their misery while invigorating them once again through the right herbs and ingredients.

The herbs that I found helpful are peppermint, thyme and parsley for this foot soak. Though you can use any mint, I like peppermint in how well it refreshes and helps circulation since it is a vasoconstrictor.

Besides that, peppermint or any mint happens to be very easy to grow even in my yard that has many wild beasts feeding on whatever I plant. Mints really are hearty and spread so you can enjoy them for teas to flavoring up baking as well.

Thyme is another herb that is excellent for DIY beauty recipes. The reason I love it in this recipe is because thyme has both antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help throughly disinfect the skin of bacteria and threat of any fungus.

Parsley is a herb that most of us just think of for cooking or garnishing our dishes. However, parsley is so much more valuable to the health of skin than you may know with all its antioxidants and vitamin C to renew the skin enough to heal wounds.

I also use some fresh lemon juice for gently bleaching the skin, deodorizing and drawing out toxins from the feet.

Epsom salt is the final touch of magic in this foot soak for sore feet for the miracles it accomplishes through its magnesium and sulfate. This ingredient helps with any swelling and inflammation. In addition, Epsom salt also does a nice job of smoothing the skin to keep feet softer.

I definitely encourage you to try this DIY Mint Foot Soak and follow up with a moisturizing oil rub. If you have arthritis, I highly recommend rubbing your feet and ankles with some peanut oil afterwards to further relieve remaining pain. Peanut oil gives comforting warmth that help counteract pain while moisturizing at the same time.

DIY Mint Foot Soak for Sore Feet

5 cups of water
5 peppermint herbal tea bags
3/4 cup of fresh peppermint leaves or 5 tablespoons of dried peppermint
2 tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves or 6 teaspoons of dried thyme leaves
1/4 cup of fresh parsley or 5 teaspoons of dried parsley
3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
3 tablespoons of Epsom salt

Boil five cups of water to add to a pot that won’t melt along with five peppermint tea bags and peppermint, thyme and parsley. (You can wrap the loose herbs in some cotton gauze to keep them together. This can make for easier cleaning over just tossing them in together). Let this foot tea soak mix cool and merge together before transferring it to your foot basin.

Get comfortable because you want to soak your feet for at least fifteen minutes or longer.

After you finish and clean your feet, lubricate your skin with your body massage oil or peanut oil.

You might wonder why I so many different DIY foot care recipes. Honestly, I keep searching to see which ones work better for me at the time. All that I shared with you are great to care for the feet, depending on what you have on hand. With that said, I also hope that you try my DIY Reviver for Tired Feet and Legs, my Frankincense and Lavender Foot Soak and my Smoothing Foot Soak for Tired Feet.

Sore feet are nothing you need to endure. All you need is trying my DIY Mint Foot Soak and as well as my other DIY foot care recipes to help make your suffering a thing of the past.



  1. ellen beck
    August 6, 2018 / 7:36 pm

    This Sounds like a terrific soak. I will tell you epsom salts work wonders for so many things from beauty to your garden! Truly a wonder cure. I have been meaning to grow some thyme in the garden but have yet to do it. Mint is so very easy!

  2. Lynne B
    December 8, 2018 / 10:40 am

    I always wondered why so many foot products contained peppermint. Thanks for that!

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