Fuego Box Hot Sauce Delights August 2018

Fuego Box Hot Sauce Delights August 2018
Fuego Box is a way to challenge your taste with new hot sauce delights in each box.


I never shy away from hot and spicy delights. Before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify in this case that I’m talking about those tempting pleasures I associate with a great hot sauce subscription like Fuego Box for hot sauce delights.

Fuego Box is an amazing box for anyone like me that appreciates a flavorful burn. Each month you get three artisan hot sauces that come from all over the country that will astound you in how wildly unique they are for just $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. In addition, each box of hot sauce delights has an informational card about the sauces and how to enjoy them.

If I fired you up, wait until you hear what my latest box of Fuego hot sauces delights brought for August 2018.

The first one that I tried was from Small Axe Peppers with their Habanero Ginger Hot Sauce. This is thin, brown sauce with a medium heat from community grown peppers.  It has an interesting twist of ginger, sugar and yellow mustard to the habanero peppers. I added some of this sauce to my salad dressings and chicken marinade for a delicious change. Basically, this can go on anything that you normally eat hot sauce with.

Next, I sampled 1542 Southwest Habanero Hot Sauce from Heartbreaking Daw’ns. The Black Congo (Chocolate Habanero pepper), garlic and cumin are just some of the ingredients in this feisty number, which squeezes out maximize spicy flavor and fire. I had enjoyed some on a fried fish sandwich and plan to add some to my chili next time. The cumin with the garlic gives it a nice touch to this liquid fire.

The last contender in my Fuego Box of hot sauce delights for August 2018 was Umami Reserve Hot Sauce from Seed Ranch. This is another thinner, brown blend with the Chocolate Habaneros along with oven dried olives and porcini mushrooms, kelp, and capers. Also great to know is that this sauce uses organic, wild and non-GMO ingredients for healthier eating. I would label this one a medium heat that is quite versatile. Eat this sauce on dishes like scrambled that I first sampled it on as well as chicken, fish, marinades to dressings, etc.

I honestly do eat a lot of hot sauce because it also helps the body’s metabolism to burn calories faster. This is another reason Fuego hot sauce delights August 2018 is one of my favorite subscription boxes. Check the company’s website out!


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  1. Lynne B
    December 1, 2018 / 11:58 am

    The sauce with ginger is one I would try. I never used to be able to take any kind of spice. I like spicy food now as long as there’s flavor and not just heat.

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