Hard Candy Baked Powder Highlighting Trio Review

Hard Candy Baked Powder Highlighting Trio
Crusin’ the Coast in on top with Rooftop Rendezvous on the bottom.


One of the best makeup tips that I can share is what a glow can do for making a complexion appear younger and more vibrant. Whether you have aging skin or just want to take a dull complexion to a new level of instant health, a good highlighting product can be the key to instant happiness for what it can do for a face. If you’re searching for an ideal way to get that glow as well as prolong that summer skin into fall, then you should check out Hard Candy Cosmetics Baked Powder Highlighting Trio that I tried.

Baked Powder Highlighting Trio Has Three Glows Per Palette

The Hard Candy Cosmetics Baked Powder Highlighting Trio line consists of four shades that includes Meet Me in Tahiti, A Touch of Midnight, Crusin’ the Coast, and Rooftop Rendezvous. All these palettes are powder and come enclosed with a brush for around $9.00 at drugstores or wherever you buy this company’s cosmetics.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment. Opinions are solely mine.**

Crusin’ the Coast that I sampled has peach, orange-coral and a cream color in each of its three pans. The colors are sheer, but well pigmented enough to drape the skin in a luminous veil of striking color that is quite natural. You don’t have to worry about chunks of big glitter because the sparkling effect is quite fine. If you have a warm complexion and are fair to light in skin tone like me, you will adore beautifully this highlighting trio will look.

Rooftop Rendezvous is another of the Baked Powder Highlighting Trio that I tested. This is another gorgeous trio when it comes to highlighting shades for anyone with a warm complexion. The first shade is a mauve-plum along with a shimmering beige and white color gleaming with traces of pink and violet through it.

You do get a brush that comes with the product, but you’re probably going to want a better highlighting brush for the best application.

Expect long-lasting Wear From the Baked Powder Highlighting Trio

Hard Candy Cosmetics Baked Powder Highlighting Trio Swatches
Crusin’  the Coast has peach swatches toward my wrist with more pink-toned swatches further down my arm.

I tried some of the Baked Powder Highlighting Trio for the first time without any primer just moisturizer and a few drops of Hard Candy Mix-In Foundation Drops. Believe it or not, my makeup was still intact from morning until late that afternoon when I headed to my tub. It didn’t fade or appear patchy and probably would have stayed just as nice, but I was tired and needed to unwind with a relaxing soak after a busy day.

My only complaint about the Baked Powder Highlighting Trio is that the brush is glued inside the plastic palette. One of the palettes had so much glue that I had a hard time trying to dislodge it. It also took some effort to try to work that glue out when I finally budged one brush out. What is wrong with having a brush inside without adhering to the inner plastic? Other that this one flaw I really thought that Hard Candy  Baked Powder Highlighting Trio was a great bargain. My advice is to check this product out at the company’s website or whatever you shop for Hard Candy  Cosmetics.


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  1. Lynne B
    November 29, 2018 / 8:54 am

    Hard Candy is a fabulous deal and they’ve been releasing some great products.

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