How to Get Your Happiness on Track

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Who doesn’t want more happiness?

Happiness is one commodity that there can never be enough of. However, finding joy and contentment in our lives can be challenging at times. Although this may be true, I hope that you’ll be motivated to try these simple inspirational tips to crush the stress holding you back while swapping that depleted energy for more happiness.

Simplifying Your Routine Can Jumpstart Happiness

When you can find ways to lessen any household chores, you invite more happiness in. For example, here is a plan for your laundry that works wonderfully for me. Instead of throwing dirty clothes in your hamper to pile up, you want to separate them in your laundry room in the proper categories. When you get enough for a color load, then wash the items. Sorting later is a bigger, time-consuming chore than pre-sorting first.

What else helps when shopping or straightening up the home is putting items away or back in place immediately instead of seeing to it later. Delaying what you have to do just adds to stress.

Mail, newspapers and magazines can accumulate faster than you realize whether at home or the office. Sorting through your mail daily and discarding unimportant pieces can save you time, energy and stress. Old newspapers should leave weekly. Magazines follow to the trash when the new issue arrives or pass along to a friend or a co-worker.

Purge Any Reminders of Painful Memories

Don’t cling to clothes or mementos that may keep you clinging to a bad experience or difficult time in your life. Perhaps, you broke up with an old boyfriend, but still kept the dress he thought you looked the best in. Then again, maybe you secretly still had all the photos of the two of you in a scrapbook to dried flowers pressed in a book that you didn’t have the heart to throw away despite ending the relationship. Donate his favorite dress and tossing the scrapbook or flowers can help you move past this emotional weight that is holding happiness back.

No one enters a marriage thinking it may end in divorce. However, nearly half of all marriages do break up. To save unneeded emotional pain, your first thought is dividing up those joint possessions, money, home, etc. One thing that some women can’t let go of is parting with their wedding gown that may be in storage. Just because you paid a fortune with hopes of passing in down to your daughter someday, keeping the gown is a mistake. After all, your daughter may not even want to wear a used dress, have your body type or sense of style. Either donate, sell the gown at a resale shop or burn the gown to free yourself from those memories that need to stay in the past. If you want a chance at future happiness, you don’t need a reminder of your wedding day.

How to Get Your Happiness on track  Pixabay image
Happiness is obtainable if you allow yourself to reach for it.

Music Can Bring You to a Happy Place

Music is a pleasant, temporary escape that soothes the soul and puts us in a good mood. Playing the type of tune that gets you singing or dancing is a great way to take your mind off of problems or handling a task that you really hate to do like cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing greasy pots.

Allow Yourself Some Time to Play Like a Kid 

Adults are supposed to be responsible, but sometimes it helps to forget your troubles temporarily by having fun that you may think normally as reserved for your children. Play hide and seek with your husband or/and kids may appear silly, but can be a riot of laughter that can trigger those happy endorphin chemicals in your brain.

Give Some Happiness to Others and Unexpected Real Joy Follows

When you do something helpful for another person without expecting anything in return is a true act of kindness. I’m not talking about volunteering at your church or social club where you might receive praise for your efforts or a write up in your local suburban newspaper. What I am referring to is nothing that is ever planned, but something that you do that comes from your heart ALWAYS comes back to you in untold rewards.

Despite what your day may be like, I hope I inspired you to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and happiness on the other side of that stress. You just have to keep going and not look back.



  1. Lynne B
    December 6, 2018 / 11:44 am

    I think many people will find your suggestions helpful. You can choose your happiness but it takes some time to get that mindset.

  2. ellen beck
    February 25, 2019 / 8:10 pm

    I usually am pretty happy. I try to be anyway. Social media for me makes it tough looking at things we lack or cant afford :/

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