Indulging on a Budget Is Possible With a Plan

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My plan can be your secret way to buy more without worrying about spending frivolously.

Just because you want to be smart with your money and use a budget to control spending doesn’t mean denying the need for items you desire. Indulging on a budget can be done with a plan. Once you think ahead by following this advice, you will never feel as deprived or guilty for spending on what you are longing to buy.

Taking Baby Steps With a Plan Is the Best Way to Start Indulging on a Budget

The easiest way is to start indulging on a budget is to dream small of what you have your heart set on and then work up to the value of what you want to pamper yourself with. Perhaps, you are yearning to have a new, luxury brand lipstick over your normal drugstore brand. The important thing to remember is the higher the value, the longer the time may be for you to put aside enough money for that goal.

Create a Special Savings Account Helps

The first thing you want to do is set up a separate bank account that has nothing to do with your regular finances just for this one purpose: to indulge on a budget. This special saving account is for depositing all the “extra” money that you discover was available and just waiting for you to find.

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You won’t believe that you can save without sacrifice.

Get Paid for Online Surveys Helps 

Think of all the free time that you have after work for browsing on the computer or chatting online. A good suggestion that can help make that desired purchase reality is seeking out those online survey companies that pay for your opinion. SurveySavvy is one and Branded Surveys is another that you might want to explore further. There are quite a few others such as Toluna that offers cash or pays through a choice of different gift cards after you reach a certain amount for accumulated points.

Eliminate or Downsize a Hidden Regular Daily Expense to Redirect Money for Indulging on a Budget

Another way to add to your special savings account is eliminating something from your daily spending that you could do without or substitute differently without missing what you’re giving up. For instance, you might hate to mess up your kitchen for breakfast in the morning and choose to eat that meal every morning at a restaurant. Merely cooking or grabbing a bowl of cereal at home in its place can help you pocket more money.

Gourmet cups of fancy Starbuck’s coffees add up and steal from your paycheck if done on a regular basis without you even noticing. If you must have that Caffe Mocha, maybe you set your sights on an espresso machine as a future indulgence or skip that stop in place of using the coffee maker at work or packing a thermos of coffee.

You could also stop buying small gifts for your children out of guilt every time due to working late, missing a school activity like a scheduled game, etc. when you shop. Gifting so often and for no reason only will spoil your child as it pulls unnecessary funds from your budget.

For more suggestions on how to save money without noticing, read my earlier post because the tips there can help build up that special savings account for indulging on a budget.

Rebates Also Help for Indulging on a Budget

Why pay full-price when you can receive money for part to the total cost of an item through a rebate? Specific companies tend to list their ongoing rebates online or check out Cash Reporter that has a list on companies with categories and their current rebates. Taking advantage of a rebate can bring extra money straight to your special savings account just for indulging on a budget.

After you realize how pain-free it is to devise a plan to save for indulging on a budget, then you are ready to shop!



  1. Lynne B
    December 2, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    Eating out is the first thing to go when we have to tighten the budget.

  2. gloria patterson
    May 19, 2019 / 11:27 am

    I have been looking at my budget and have decided that I need to make some changes. This gives ;me some good suggestion and ideals

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