The Risks You Take When Working Late


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You don’t know who may be watching you when working late.


Working late may have financial advantages. For others, it can be forced upon them from an employer that keeps demanding more by piling on extra work to avoid hiring additional help. Then again, ambition and career advancement could be a motivating factor as well. Regardless of the reason, there are risks you take when working late.

Unforeseen Safety Risks You Take When Working Late

The size of the building of your workplace and location can influence the potential risks for your physical safety. For example, you might work in an office tower that has many floors of employees in a city that normally is bustling with traffic and pedestrians. The larger the building and workforce and its location, there are more potential risks you take when working late.

Though you may have a security guard on the ground level, this still doesn’t stop another employee that may hide and wait if this individual knew about your plans to work late. This person may have noticed your looks, been resentment for a missed promotion or just the fact that you could be a vulnerable female and easy prey. This other employee may have checked in or slipped past a less than attentive guard or strolled in posing as one.

If your building does have a security guard on duty, it always is a good idea to keep his phone number handy and alert the guard about your plan to work late that night or week. Remind the guard as well on that designated day you plan to work.

At the security desk or guard station that you need to pass before gaining access to your work area, you might need to sign a logbook. Instead of writing your full name, use your initials and only provide your last name. Why leave clues especially if you are a woman?

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Learn to take proper precautions for your physical wellbeing and health.


Elevators can be a prime hunting ground for those they may seek to harm you. Before you step into an elevator with another person that gives you a bad feeling listen to your instincts. Trusting that special sense because it may save you from rape, robbery and worse. However, if you do get on because your gut didn’t initially react until continued time with the individual stand by the control panel. Press the alarm button and several floors the moment this person becomes a credible threat.

Stairwells and corridors can also pose unforeseen risks when working late. Before you take the stairs, make sure you know that those doors don’t lock behind you. If so, you could be trapped with someone that has devious thoughts toward you.

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You might never be alone when working late and using the stairs.


Corridors that aren’t well traveled in the part of the building that you need to access may have less than adequate lighting that can increase risks you take when working late. Inspect how well lit that area is first. Then report any problem to the building manager before needing to use that corridor.

Rest rooms that are open for anyone to walk in allow an assailant plenty of privacy for hiding in a stall or a corner. Insist your employer install locks for the rest rooms for the good of employees can help limit the risks you take when working late. If your employer shrugs your request off, the only other alternative you have is emptying your bladder at home and waiting until  later to relieve yourself at home.

Parking garages and lots can also prove challenging when assessing risks that you take when working late. Always choose to park where there are guard and ample lighting. You might also want to check if your company like some do have security staff to escort employees safely to their cars.

The Health Risks You Take When Working Late

Working late may cause a change to your normal eating patterns. Instead of a healthy meal, you may be grabbing junk food or fast food just in your rush to satisfy your hunger. Here are some smarter snacks for your workplace you may want to think about. Bad nutrition repeatedly may mean higher cholesterol for heart health and the cardiovascular system, fat from calories to pile on more weight to developing more health problems with stress, depression to possibly cancer and type 2 diabetes.

This post was not intended to install fear about working late. The purpose was to make you more vigilant about the risks that you take whenever working late and precautions to think about for your physical safety and health.



  1. Lynne B
    November 26, 2018 / 9:33 am

    I think it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and to stay vigilant.

  2. ellen beck
    February 10, 2019 / 7:46 pm

    I worry about friend that are nurses. Iknow there are cameras but it only takes seconds. They have no choice but to work late. Luckily they usually use the buddy system.

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