Why Body Skin Care Can Keep You Looking Younger

Why Body Skin Care Can Keep You Looking Younger elbow Pixabay image
Ignoring certain body parts can make you appear older than you need to be.


The thought of getting older may be a natural part of life, but something we dread. As a result, we never stop experimenting with the latest facial anti-aging products hoping to delay the inevitable as long as possible. Though as proud as we are of going the extra mile to never slack on our skin care rituals, we often can make a big mistake of neglecting certain areas of our body that could unknowingly betray our real age. Instead of letting your body shout your age, here are some helpful body skin care tips to keep you looking younger.

Looking Younger Means Not Ignoring Body Parts That Betray Age

Rough heels can be clues as to an older pair of feet. To keep them in their best shape, wash them every day and regularly inspect them for problems with calloused skin and missed pedicures. Attending to that excessively dry, hard skin in this area and remembering the importance of your weekly pedicure can keep older feet looking younger.


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Your feet are vulnerable to revealing your real age.


Soak your feet in warm sudsy water for about ten minutes first to soften the hard skin before working on the roughness with a grainy textured cleanser, working over the skin with small, circular motions can make this problem disappear. After rinsing and patting the feet dry, treat the skin to a luxurious moisturizer to gently massage in.

Hands are just as bad for declaring your real age as well if the skin is rough. Regularly moisturizing helps, but to make sure that hands are as soft as they can be, exfoliate them first. What else can greatly help keep hands looking younger is treating them to a rich, pampering mask. Try using your favorite facial mask or my DIY Complexion Revival Mask for erasing the effects of time.

Another age betrayer is the appearance of dark spots also referred to as sun spots or liver spots. The best preventive defense is never going outdoors without SPF50 protection. Once those sun spots become noticeable, you might try bleaching them with some fresh lemon juice daily or hydrogen peroxide to help them fade. Some people may be sensitive to hydrogen peroxide on the skin. Therefore, you should test a little of it on a cotton swab on a small brown spot and see how it feels before sweeping over a larger area with your cotton ball.

Elbows can also threaten to reveal our true age. If you have hopes of looking younger, you don’t want dry, rough elbows. Get rid of any dead skin by gently exfoliating with a washcloth to best prepare the surface for a more intensive cream to thoroughly penetrate. Another trick to amplify the moisturizer’s effect is wrapping the skin with a plastic wrap for about forty minutes, which keeps the heat in for the skin care product to melt deeper into the skin.

To also keep elbows looking younger, try resisting the urge to rest them on harsh surfaces like tables and desks. As we age, the skin tends to become drier so you might want to switch using a harsh body soap and replace cleansing elbows with a facial soap that is less drying.


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Turtlenecks aren’t the only solution for an aging neck.


Necks can also be dangerous territory for showing age. The skin on the throat and neck is thinner than what’s on your face. Thus, you might want to try using a richer throat cream to help this area along. Furthermore, an aging neck needs more loving care through cleansing as well so swap your regular soap for some of your facial cleanser.

Something that you also need to keep in mind for looking younger longer in the neck area is to avoid yo-yo dieting. When you subject your body to some drastic changes in eating, you cause the skin to stretch and lose more elasticity, which results in sagging and more wrinkling.

For looking younger, you should try sleeping with as flat of a pillow that you can put up with. The reason a flatter pillow is preferable to a higher one that lifts the head too much is because of the effect on the muscles in that area. When the pillow is too high, the muscles don’t stretch normally, causing the neck to sag from undo tension over time.

Try these simple body care tips because little changes can keep you looking younger.


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  1. Lynne B
    December 7, 2018 / 9:32 am

    Ugh. I know that sleeping on my back will help prevent facial and decollete wrinkles but I’m a side sleeper.

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