Awkward Situations and Fixes

Awkward Situations and Fixes Embarrassed Man
No one is immune from awkward situations.

Awkward situations happen to the best of us. I doubt that there is one person that hasn’t managed to put their foot in their foot at some time or another or found themselves in an awkward situation that proved embarrassing. If so, I assure you that you are not alone. Let me share a few examples of some awkward situations that happened to me along with some suggested fixes to tactfully handle them.

Never Assume Anything Before Opening Your Mouth Can Help Guard Against Awkward Situations

One of the worst awkward situations that still haunts me today is when I congratulated someone that I hadn’t seen in years about her pregnancy. Judging from the fit and style of the dress that she was wearing and the other children clinging to her side or holding her hand, I naturally assumed there was another joyous occasion ahead with a little one on the way. If you knew this college acquaintance and how fit she was, then you would understand my deeply humiliating, stupid mistake. When she politely responded to my well wishes that she wasn’t pregnant, I wanted to crawl under the biggest rock to hide my shame for making that assumption. She was gracious and accepted my apology, but it taught me to never assume anything before speaking without all the facts.

Awkward Situations That Revolve Around Wardrobe Disasters

Some girls develop breasts faster than others. I was one of the others when I was in junior high. Since I started envying those girls showing off their breasts in sweaters, I wanted a pair too. Understanding my plight, my mother bought me a pair of falsies to stick in my bra to help fix my shattered self-esteem. With that help of slight extra padding, I felt shapely and just as pretty then the next time I wore my sweater to school.

Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to figure out an algebra problem when my friend kept trying to get my attention from across the room. Occasionally as I sat in my seat, I would find a head turning, then few more followed by some chuckling, which I didn’t figure out until later. The moment the bell rang for the next class, my friend hurried to rush me out of the room toward the girl’s room. In our rush, she explained the reason.

One of the falsies moved to the middle of my chest like I had three boobs! My mistake was I forgot to pin the falsie in. To this day, I learned the importance of accepting your body for good and bad. Some might wonder why I just didn’t buy a padded bra. The cup sizes never made that option possible.

Another one of those awkward situations and wardrobe problems happened when a boss took me to a fancy lunch. Though I love the look of earrings, I never would puncture a hole in my ears to wear pierced earrings. Instead, I would wear clip-ons.

The soup course arrived. When I was bending my head, I heard something drop into this cream soup. I had a suspicion it was that earring, but I pretended not to notice. I wasn’t planning to fish that stupid earring out so I did my best to carry on.

As observant as he was, my boss called it to my attention that I lost an earring in my soup. I was as red as a beet, patting my hair in my attempt to cover it over that missing earring.

What this experience taught me was never trust how well clip-on earrings can stay on. In my case, my hair usually covered up my ears so not wearing earrings hardly mattered that much to me. I never wore earrings again.

Awkward Situations Around Other People’s Animals

 Awkward Situations and Fixes Samoyed Dog
Stevie, a beautiful Samoyed, was a gentle giant. However, he was too powerful for me to get very far when taking him for a walk.

My friends know that I love animals. Once a friend was about to leave her Samoyed in a kennel because she didn’t want to trouble me with Stevie since he was so big and I had a cat at the time. Stevie may be a huge dog, but he is delicate and prone to infections last time he stayed in a kennel. I told her it was fine to leave Stevie with us.

After a week at my house, Stevie thought that my house was his new home. My friend returned hoping to be greeted happily by Stevie only to find he forgot her. He saddled up next to me like I was his new mother. It was hard getting this massive dog that didn’t want to go back home inside my friend’s car.


Awkward Situations and Fixes Golden Retriever
Maggie is a golden retriever mix that I still deeply miss. I do sneak an occasional glance at her when she is permitted outside through my window. I do see her stare up at my window on occasion looking for her friend.  Dogs, like elephants, never forget.


A new next door neighbor moved in with two dogs that would always bark every time we would be outside. The husband decided to bring the calmer dog over to acquaint Maggie with us in hopes to at least get her comfortable around us.  A few belly rubs and you make a friend for life.  After that first meeting, this sweet angel would see me and rushed over for her next belly rub, with excited happiness showing in her big brown eyes. Loving the attention, Maggie parked herself on my feet, refusing to go home when called by her master.

I did not mind in the least, but the dogs eventually suffered house confinement soon afterwards. In the past, the young husband would play with the dogs. Later, the dogs were only allowed outside briefly to do their business and then promptly were ushered back inside. If I came outside to throw something in the recycle bin at the same time, the dogs were immediately rushed inside, which was odd.

The next time I saw his young wife, I asked her how is our Maggie?  The wife responded that she would soon forget me once that she did not see anymore.  You couldn’t imagine how shocked I was to hear her jealous words when I asked about her dog.  You would think a neighbor would be glad that you got along with the dog instead of risking it biting you?

My advice to skip this pain is to avoid being outside at the same time as that new couple, if possible.

Life is full of awkward situations. These are just a few examples with more that I’m sure will occur in the future, hopefully though not the same ones. The real trick to handling awkward situations is learning from those mistakes.

What awkward situations are you brave enough to share?



  1. Lynne B
    November 20, 2018 / 7:14 am

    I was still breastfeeding and had absorbent pads in my bra. I was following my family around the golf course, watching them play. When we got home, my sister-in-law told me she found one of the pads on the course.

  2. gloria patterson
    March 7, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    LOL surprised that you can remember all of these. I either didn’t step in that much or I just don’t remember them. But this is a good reminder of how easy it is to say something wrong

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