Fuego Box September 2018 Review

Fuego Box September 2018
I love all the possibilities of how to enjoy a new batch of the artisan hot sauces that only Fuego Box curates so well.


Some people shy away from hot sauces, which is a shame considering the many advantages from speeding up the body’s metabolism to added help in weight loss, enhancing dishes with more flavor to using in recipes. Fuego Box September 2018 is another prime example of being good to your body health wise and the taste buds and tummy at the same time through another trio of artisan sauces that only this hot sauce subscription box manages so well to find in each monthly box.

Those reluctant to try hot sauce because of how they might burn might be surprised that some sauces are much milder in the fiery taste department than you might imagine. Instead, the sauce can add more of a gentle heat from how certain unique flavors can blend to fashion one so different it may not even remind you of a typical hot sauce such as one that arrived in Fuego Box September 2018.

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Spicy Ponzu Sauce From Volcan Peppers Is the First Hot Sauce in Fuego Box September 2018

The sauce that I am referring to is the Spicy Ponzu Sauce from Volcan Peppers. This dark brown Japanese style sauce has soy sauce, citrus, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, and ghost and Thai peppers. The taste is mild but would better compliment a steak, beef, hamburger, chicken, marinades, or a homemade salad dressing than the first time I sampled some on my scrambled eggs. To me, the soy sauce flavor gave it more of a delicious steak sauce quality than one of a spicier hot sauce. In fact, I liked it and plan on using it later today in my Chop Suey recipe as a part of the sauce.

The Second Hot Sauce Sensation Was Swamp Mustard From Gator Hammock in Fuego Box September 2018

The second hot sauce in the Fuego Box September 2018 assortment that was also quite different was a dark yellow one called Swamp Mustard from Gator Hammock. This was a delightful blend of sweet and tangy mustard, apple cider vinegar with a splash of a tropical guava and spices for a medium burn. This was great on a cheese sandwich to dress it up. I also think it will be excellent on hamburgers, chicken, pork, beef, marinades, salads, and use in cooking.

Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce From Secret Aardvark Completes the Unique Trio for Fuego Box September 2018

Finally, the third hot sauce in the Fuego Box September 2018 grouping is a dark green one called Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce from Secret Aardvark. This a feisty blend of serrano and haberno peppers mingling with onions, tomatillo and spices. Let me point out that while this sauce is hot, it also is very flavorful in how the heat is balanced. This is good on any meats, marinades, salads, chicken, hamburgers to fish.

Anyone tired of eating the same old foods day after day and want to try something new, you really should give Fuego Box a try because you can’t buy the types of small-batch hot sauces they send in your local stores. Even if you don’t like the direct taste of hot sauce poured on your food, I highly recommend cooking with it for extra health benefits and changing the flavor of some recipes that could use a boost.

If you’re curious and missed what Fuego Box August 2018 was like, I will provide the link for you to catch up with that review.

Each month Fuego Box sends three artisan hot sauces that come from all over the country for just $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. In addition, each box of hot sauce delights has an informational card about the sauces and how to enjoy them.

Take it from me, Fuego Box is the hot sauce subscription that is well worth the cost for what you can expect from the quality and special hot sauces in each box.  Check their website out because I promise you that you won’t regret it.


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