Anti-Aging Eye Tricks That Can Make a Difference

Anti-Aging Eye Tricks That Can Make a Difference Green Eyes
You can’t turn back time, but you can minimize those aging effects for younger eyes.


Have you ever noticed how time seems to creep up on you suddenly, especially when it comes to the eye area? If you’ve been experiencing more days with under eye darkness and are at a loss to understand why eye shadows seem to fade into your creases just after lunch unless you wear a primer, then I have some anti-aging eye tricks that you need now.

The best course of action is to start by prepping your skin in the eye area first with an eye cream–and not a facial moisturizer for this purpose. Besides providing heavier lubrication this delicate skin needs when working with your makeup to avoid stretching and contributing to wrinkles, choosing one with specific ingredients can help you better defy eye aging.

Topnotch Anti-Aging Eye Cream ingredients

The ingredients that you’ll want in your life for your eye cream are ones such as caffeine being a vasconstrictor. The reason it is so beneficial is because can constrict blood vessels enough to help with pooled up blood causing dark circles and puffiness. In doing so, the area can look flatter and appear firmer. Caffeine is also anti-inflammatory and has protective properties to defend the eye area against free radical damage.

Another excellent ingredient you might want to watch out for when making your anti-aging eye cream selection is vitamin K. Since it is a coagulant, vitamin K can also help drain pooled blood beneath the eyes causing darkness by clotting that trapped blood, increasing circulation and better blood flow to the area, resulting in improvement.

Peptides also can be valuable to an anti-aging eye. Peptides are amino acids in skin care that originate from bits of protein and eventually combine with other proteins to produce each specialized peptide. Why this particular ingredient is so important is because peptides help increase collagen production in the same way as retinol, which is yet another wonderful ingredient for this purpose.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E give the skin of your eyes a defensive edge fighting molecules targeted at destroying collagen and leading to wrinkles while also replenishing its production. Vitamin C also deserves special praise for how it brightens skin to help with dark circles.

Anti-aging eye ingredients that you can’t overlook as well include natural lipids that act as humectants like ceramides and hyaluronic acid to return and supply moisture to the eye area.

An Anti-Aging Eye Means Making Up for Less Lashes

The crow’s feet, dark circles and eye puffiness are bad enough, but another thing to look forward to when getting older is losing lashes. Lashes become naturally sparser the more we age. Usually a majority of this robbery of our lashes is also from things we do such as rubbing our eyes, removing eye makeup to applying false eyelashes too often.

Something to be aware of for an anti-aging eye is nourishing the lashes and encouraging growth with lash conditioners or eyelash serums. However, both tasks are not always accomplished in the same way. A lash conditioner is usually fortified with an ingredient like panthenol that can moisturize the lashes to the roots. On the other hand, eyelash serums have growth-spurring ingredients like amino acids and peptides.

You might also want to try rubbing a bit of castor oil on your lashes with a clean cotton swab for help in growing longer, lush lashes. Avoid brands that do not specify pure castor oil because this is the one that is not diluted and blended with anything else. Don’t expect putting castor oil on a few nights will result in mega lashes. You need to use castor oil over a period of weeks, but I personally used it and found it helps. Therefore, it possibly can do the same for you.

Anti-Aging Tricks That Can Make a Difference Eyes
These anti-aging eye tricks can help take years off of your look.

Puffiness and Baggy Eyes Can Have Other Causes

Puffy and baggy eyes can be a sign of aging, but it can also come from other causes such as allergies, not enough sleep, illness, heredity to retaining water from using too much sodium. What complicates this type of problem when aging is how the skin that has been gradually losing collagen and elastin forms sort of pocket for this water to drain into, giving the eyes more of a baggy appearance.

Depuffing and debagging eyes can often be as simple as trying an antihistamine for an allergy, getting more rest, a physical examination to giving up your salt shaker for a herbal salt substitute.

An Eye Exam Has Value for An Anti-Aging Eye

Aging affects the appearance of the skin, but also your vision. If you find yourself squinting more or rubbing your eyes more than usual due to unexplainable irritation, your eyes could be changing. Squinting puts strain on muscles that when put in that position for too long can end up with wrinkles when you really need a pair of glasses, contacts or a new eyeglass prescription. Perhaps, you also keep rubbing your eyes while blaming skin care and makeup as the cause, which could be from another source such as developing dry eye. Getting an eye examination can determine the real cause.

Aging is inevitable, but taking advantage of these anti-aging eye tricks can lessen the impact it has on your beauty.



  1. Lynne B
    November 10, 2018 / 9:52 am

    I use castor oil for my thinning hair but have yet to try it on my lashes.

  2. Maryann D.
    November 24, 2019 / 5:02 am

    This is all very good advice. I do notice more puffiness around my eyes and my lashes are so hard to see at this point! I do have dry eyes also.

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