Fuego Box October 2018 Review

Fuego Box October 2018
You can’t buy the complicated taste like these hot sauces in your local stores.


Halloween is less than two weeks away, but I received an early treat with my Fuego Box October 2018 that appeared at my door. Once I opened and checked what was in this current hot sauce subscription box, I couldn’t wait to try my three new bottles of these devilish delights.

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You’re probably wondering what person can possibly use as much hot sauce as yours truly. However, I rely more of these hot sauces every day for spiking up my dishes to adding to my recipes, being how it helps my body burn fuel faster as it speeds up the metabolism. In fact, hot sauces are even more important for keeping me warmer as the weather gets colder for how they work to fire up the body’s furnace. Maybe you’re on the fence about the taste of hot and spicy, but if you’re trying to lose weight or want something in the house for a home remedy such as the cough drink I make, then a hot sauce subscription is the way to go. Check out what Fuego Box October 2018 brought to get an idea.

Red Armadillo Hot Sauce Is the First Artisan Hot Sauce in Fuego Box October 2018

Red Armadillo hot sauce is from the Angry Goat Pepper Co. that has a light smoky sweetness to this medium spicy blend. The star ingredients are red chiles and maple syrup along with a few zesty spices to give it impact. This is one of those great basic hot sauces that can perk up the dishes you normally add it to. I poured some on my macaroni and cheese for a tasty change.

Sweet Ghost Pepper Sauce Is the Second and Award-Winning Hot Sauce in Fuego Box October 2018

Ghost peppers are serious heat and tongue destroyers. However, Mikey V’s Sweet Ghost Pepper Sauce created an exciting spicy blend that stole some of the nasty thunder of those peppers and replaced with exquisite flavor. I consider this sauce of a medium heat as well. I tried hot sauces on sandwiches before, but never with cream cheese. I highly recommend this combo.

Hot Sauce Signature Is the Third Contender in Fuego Box October 2018

Hot Sauce Signature from Double Take Salsa Co. is a brown-colored hot sauce that has more of a milder heat. Red bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrots to milder poblano peppers as well as hotter habenero chili peppers and select spices are just some of the ingredients that give this hot sauce appeal. Go wild with this one and you can still possess a tongue. I had it for the first time on scrambled eggs this morning and loved it.

Fuego Box sends three artisan hot sauces each month gathered from all over the country for just $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. In addition, each box also comes with an informational card about the sauces and how to enjoy them.

Fuego Box is a win-win for your health, body and wallet if you ask me. If you curious what Fuego Box September 2018 was like, click the link to read my earlier review. Visit their website because it can be just what your body has been waiting for.


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