Fuego Box November 2018 Review

Fuego Box November 2018
Each Fuego Box delivers three tasty burning delights.


Warming up after a long wait at the polls on election day calls for some guaranteed instant heat. Who better to supply it than my favorite hot sauce subscription that just arrived with my Fuego Box November 2018 trio of sizzling delights?

With a subscription to Fuego Box, each month you receive three artisan hot sauces that come from all across the country for only $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. In addition, tucked inside each assortment is an informational card about the sauces and the best foods and dishes to enjoy them with.

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The holiday gift buying season is closing in. Sometimes, it can be difficult to think of something original to give anyone on your gift buying list. If you want a no-fail gift, I recommend a Fuego Box hot sauce subscription for the intriguing variety. I was never disappointed yet. The Fuego Box November 2018 is just an example of the types of artisan hot sauces that you could expect to give those lucky people on your gift buying list.

Fuego Box November 2018
You can’t easily replicate the unique tastes of artisan hot sauces when you shop in your local stores.

Fuego Box November 2018

Born to Hula is a hot sauce that I tried before that is quite good. Each year the company creates a special new blend. This fall they have Season Three: Chocolate Reaper that has some pumpkin pie inspiration behind it with spices along with the chocolate reaper pepper. If you like a sweeter hot sauce with some pumpkin pie hints to it, then you would love this sauce probably more than I did. The sweet fire was fine, but the pumpkin pie spices were not for me.

White Label Hot Sauce produced Green Serrano, which was delicious with my scrambled eggs. It’s not too hot, more of a medium heat that compliments practically everything with all the yummy basics that make hot sauce memorable like Serrano, tomatillo, garlic, onion and white vinegar with a delightful twist of orange and lime juice, Scotch bonnet and mustard seed.

From Lucky Dog White Label comes Cherry Chipotle hot sauce. This has a wonderful smokey chipotle pepper taste. It is not overly spicy or hot, but another medium heat with just a little ghost pepper in the mix that heats up further once in the mouth. Nonetheless, it’s a gradual warmth that you’ll appreciate. Serve it on pork or chicken especially. I sampled this on chicken last night and it added a new level of flavor to my recipe.

Fuego Box November 2018 always knows how to fire up flavor.  You might also want to read what Fuego Box October 2018 was like.

Have you tried a subscription to Fuego Box yet? Check them out because they are sizzling hot!



  1. Lynne B
    November 6, 2018 / 11:44 am

    I think this is a great subscription box. It would make a great gift for several of my hot sauce-loving family members.

  2. ellen beck
    November 6, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    This actually looks good. I know one of my brothers would love something like this. I am checking it out.

  3. rochelle haynes
    November 8, 2018 / 2:44 am

    This looks nice love to try this

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