Fuego Hot Pepper Sauces February 2019 Box Update

Fuego Hot Pepper Sauces February 2019
Here is the actual trio of Fuego hot pepper sauces intended for February 2019.


Last week I shared my review of the Fuego February 2019 box of their hot pepper sauces. I did find it strange that a few of those hot sauces I had recognized at once. Seeing the same sauce does occur once in awhile, but I also still had one of those hot sauces still in my refrigerator. This was a first. Therefore, I just assumed this was the Fuego February 2019 assortment. However, I was wrong because just the other day was when I received another box with a completely new trio of hot sauces.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated. Opinions are solely mine.**

At first, I assumed this current box was either the one for March or the box of Mimi award winning hot sauces the company typically releases each year. Then I heard from the company that the box sent was just a mistake with this assortment of hot pepper sauces. With that said, let me update you on what you can really expect in this Fuego February 2019 box.

The first hot sauce I sampled was the Garlic Habanero from Das Güd Spice Co. This is a milder heat with garlic, carrot, peppers, and spices sporting full flavor without burning a hole in your mouth. With how it tasted on my scrambled eggs, I can see how it won an award. In fact, this is one of those basic hot sauces that you can use liberally on practically anything for that extra delicious flavor it provides.

The second of these hot pepper sauces is Smoky Chipotle from Supernova Co. This is dark brown pineapple hot sauce with an underlying taste of smoky chipotle barbecue. I just tasted a little on my spoon and it has some tropical sweetness to that smoky heat. This one would taste sensational on chicken, fish and foods like hamburgers. This one I am going to reserve for making new bean burgers before anything else.

Peach Agave Garlic is the final of these February 2019 hot pepper sauces from Fuego Box 2019. This is another award-winning sauce that I had to sample on a spoon so I could get this review out to you. It is full-bodied with delightful blends of peach and spices in a smoky barbecue hot sauce that was delicious. I also have plans for this one for further vegan bean burger experimentation. Again, this hot sauce would work well with chicken, fish, marinades, and sauces in my opinion.

The hot pepper sauces presented in Fuego February 2019 are all winners according to my taste buds. If you wondering how to subscribe to this hot sauce subscription, the cost is $29.95 per quarter that feature three distinctive hot sauces in each monthly box with no extra USA shipping. Check it out.



  1. gloria patterson
    February 26, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    Sharing this link with my hot sauce loving great niece who carries a bottle in her purse. The nice thing is if she does not like one the rest of her family we enjoy it 🙂

  2. ellen beck
    February 26, 2019 / 8:25 pm

    These sound good.I have found although I do not eat a whole lot of ‘hot’ sauces, the one with garlic I can. The Garlic Habanero sounds quite good. I have a bottle of a garlic based hot sauce and had to buy another I went through it so fast!

  3. tat2gurlzrock
    February 27, 2019 / 6:54 am

    Well I am glad they saw their mistake! Peach Agave Garlic sounds really good!

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