Effortless Hair Styling Tips for Better Hair Days

Effortless Hair Styling
You can save, but still preserve your beauty just by making a few small changes to your hair styling routine.


Hair can be demanding to achieve the styles we want. If we hope to gain the upper hand, it is often simpler to work with your hair type instead of fighting the texture and how your hair grows for more effortless hair styling. To avoid unneeded problems, here are some helpful hair styling tips that can help by learning to work with your hair type that can end that frustration once and for all.

Those with fine, straight hair always might find skipping your dependency on a hair conditioner after shampooing helps from less product accumulating before styling. You also might find using a volumizing styling mousse over heavier hair gels, pomades, waxes, and texture creams are an added plus to gaining more freedom for effortless hair styling. The reason for this is because those products tend to weigh hair down over a lighter foamy mousse that won’t drag the hair down in the same way.

Though you have more freedom on how much mousse you can use compared to other hair styling products, pump out a small cloud in the palm of your hand (about the size of a silver dollar for your entire head). Too much can backfire with a dirty, stringy look for ruining the hair style.

When working with fine, straight hair and mousse, try applying to your damp hair from the roots down to the ends. Remembering this technique helps to better distribute the mousse more evenly to better pump up the volume where you need it is another of these hair styling tips that can make a big difference.

If you’re ruled by time, a microfiber towel to wrap freshly washed hair also helps speed drying time in the goal of effortless hair styling.

An effortless hair styling trick for fine, straight hair is this technique for air drying. After you apply some mousse to damp hair, push the hair behind the ears while it’s drying. This helps to gently curl and give the hair some shape without resorting to a hot styling tool.

If you struggle like I do with down-growing hair or a low forehead, you may find your style limited by your hairline. Either you can continue to fight with the hair and use heavier wax or pomade for keeping layered bangs off of your face or struggle with root lifting products and lots of hair spray to get the hair up or off of your face. However, you may also find it easier to seek the advice of a stylist to change your hair style for more effortless hair styling or just change the part, which you may want to do anyway to protect your hair.

Anyone with thick, straight hair can take a heavier formula of a styling product without suffering the same hair problems. A styling cream applied from the middle to the ends of hair while damp, using fingers as your tool to hold the hair under as you blow it helps it dry faster and with more natural smoothness.

Here’s another of these hair styling tips for thick, straight hair that you also might want to try to give it some slight curl without taking out your curling iron. What you do is to wait until you nearly dry it with your styling cream already on before parting in the center, then taking sections (about an inch or so), twisting and folding back while aiming the nozzle of your hair dryer into the crease. Keep doing this technique only at ear level all over the head gives it a simple, but casual look for another way to achieve effortless hair styling without your flat iron or curling iron.

If you hair is thick and wavy like mine, you can try a smoothing shampoo to give it a running start. This formula has ingredients it leaves behind to coat the hair as it hydrates that will tame and smooth the strands as well. This hair texture can also hold heavier formulations without weighing hair down. However, volumizing mousse is still my favorite for pulling the roots and ends straighter as I blow dry. What I find helps for effortless hair styling is using my hands as my brush when I start blow drying my damp hair. This helps to shape the hair even before I finish by taking my brush to it.

When I wore my hair longer, I used to add some smoothing cream from the middle to the ends before pinning the hair into two low buns. The ends you don’t touch, but leave them to hang. What you’ll notice is the hair seems straighter and stretched somewhat from that wavy pattern.

Hair that is curly does need heavy duty hair styling products to help with frizz. A straightening cream taken to damp hair before taking your round brushes to it helps to tame and give it more looser curls.

For those with wavy or curly hair, scrunching the hair with your mousse or other styling cream while drying it can give your hair effortless hair styling results. You’ll add new texture and form as your individualized hand set curls take shape.

These hair styling tips for effortless hair care may not solve all your hair problems, but can help free up your day and keep you looking as beautiful as possible.




  1. Rochelle Haynes
    March 29, 2019 / 3:21 am

    Thanks for the advice looking good

  2. tat2gurlzrock
    March 29, 2019 / 7:31 am

    These are great tips. I use your mousse method you mentioned because I have fine, straight, thin hair and it does help!

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