Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Lip Balms Review + Swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Lip Balms
Going left to right is 098 Mysterious Magnolias, 095 Amazing Anemones, 099 Captivating Camellias, 094 Playful Primrose, 096 Lovely Lilacs, and ending with 097 Poised Peonies on the right.


Those looking for lavishing their lips with beautiful sheer color that is universally flattering while locking in moisture for a pampering treatment would love the line of Tinted Luxe Lip Balms Enchanting Blooms from luxury cosmetics brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge. Today, I am going to share the wonders and beauty of all six shades of what might become your new favorite lip product.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated. Opinions are solely mine. **

These Tinted Luxe Lip Balms have an ideal texture, wonderful pigments for a color payoff, a sensational blend of moisturizing oils that are Ecocert-approved, and anti-aging ingredients along with a slight fragrance for maximizing lip comfort and beauty. In addition, they glide on effortlessly, feel lightweight against the lips and possess a lovely shine through their striking veil of colors.

The six shades of the Tinted Luxe Lip Balms collection offer a range of colors to please anyone from more vibrant depths of cherry red to paler takes on pink and nude.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Lip Balms and Lip Liner Swatches
I swatched the shades for you. Going from the right near my wrist and working my way down the arm is 098 Mysterious Magnolias, 095 Amazing Anemones, 099 Captivating Camellias, 094 Playful Primrose, 096 Lovely Lilacs, 097 Poised Peonies, and ending with 100 Francis Lip Pencil on the left.


098 Mysterious Magnolias is a pale neutral pink that appears darker in the tube than it does on lips. Once applied, the color sheers gracefully.

095 Amazing Anemones fooled me when I first examined this shade. In the tube, it appears a bright red. In reality though, the color made a transformation to a sheer warm pink-red with some berry to it on my lips.

099 Captivating Camellias is a warm peach nude color. This is a fantastic neutral shade that you can wear year round without worrying about clashing with your outfits.

094 Playful Primrose appears a fuschia color judging by the tube. I found it tones down and sheers to a tulip shade of pink.

096 Lovely Lilacs is simply gorgeous cool pink with violet that is absolutely stunning.

097 Poised Peonies appears deep cherry red when you glance at the shade at first. The depth of this color may seem like more color than you normally use, but it is a beautiful illusion from how the degree of color changes on the lips like a transparent red veil.

To wear with them, I received the new 100 Francis shade of their Long-Lasting Lip Pencils ($21). The color is a deep, but perky cherry red with a matt finish. This pencil spreads well as you define your lips for a flawless finish. I got to say that this lip pencil doesn’t budge despite eating. You will need to use your oil-based makeup remover to take it off.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Lip Pencil in 100 Francis
This is the 100 Francis shade of the newest Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Lip Pencil.


What else that really appealed to me about the line of Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Lip Balms is its conditioning comfort continues even after the three hours or so of regular wear. My lips still felt smoother and less dry like they were still being treated even when I went to eat lunch.

Those wanting to update their lipstick wardrobe for the new season or searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas, but want to find one with additional healing benefits needs to try these Tinted Luxe Lip Balms ($31.00). In fact, you can save 20% off your Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique purchase by using my coupon code RBR-BEAUTYCOOKSKISSES20 at checkout. How beautiful is that?


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  1. tat2gurlzrock
    April 30, 2019 / 9:53 am

    These are such pretty colors. I really like the 094 Playful Primrose.

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