5 Environmental Stress Triggers You Can Eliminate

angry woman 5 common stress triggers you can eliminate
This post can help you better deal with environmental stress triggers.


Have you ever noticed that when under stress how easily other simple things can set you off without much provocation? Reacting this way to an environmental stress trigger such as an overly loud television blaring into the next room or the sound of music pounding through the walls from a stereo to raised voices of family members laughing to arguing is often enough to make that nagging stress worse.

Dealing with your problem when stressed is one thing, but environmental stress triggers only compound what you are feeling since it stimulates your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Therefore in this case, your best way to help yourself is retreating to somewhere quiet or ask for that sound to be turned down.

Another common environmental stress trigger that can adversely affect you when under extra stress is the temperature. When it’s overly hot and humid, you can’t breathe as well with how thick the air feels. The warmer the weather, the more irritated and angry people can become due to those rising levels of corisol unlike lower levels in cold weather according to various studies.

One way around this hot weather related environmental stress trigger is to stay indoors with your air conditioner or fan on while under added stress. Allowing yourself to suffer through the effects of that heat while stressed will only prolong that agony and pressure that you’re experiencing.

When under increased stress, environmental stress triggers to think about are your clothes and the fabrics that touch your body as well. Instead of anything fitting too tight, you want comfortable clothes. Skip anything digging into your shoulder or waist, an itchy fabric, constricting shapewear to shoes that hurt your feet should be avoided. Replace uncomfortable pieces with a looser fit and cozier feeling shoes.

Something else to be mindful of is the effect of clutter surrounding you when under excess stress. Seeing piles of disarray that can slow you down when trying to find what you need also increases the amount of your stress.

A quick solution to clutter stress is clearing your desktop or table and gathering all loose items left about and on the floor. You don’t want to fight the clutter searching or tripping over objects when you’re in that stressful state of mind.

Electronic devices and checking emails and phones for urgent messages are a bad idea when stressed. Save yourself extra aggreviation by turning off your phone and email alerts can make a big difference.

These are just some ways to control environmental stress triggers that can build onto tension. Keeping ahead of them may not eliminate stress, but help you cope on those rough days.



  1. rochelle haynes
    May 9, 2019 / 1:16 am

    I stress out all the time

  2. gloria patterson
    May 9, 2019 / 11:16 am

    A lot of good information here! You mentioned clutter stress and it made me aware that it does bug me. I notice if there is stuff on the floor or not in their right spots it really gets me

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