How to Tell What Your Pet Is Thinking

How to Tell What Your Pet is Thinking dog-cat
The unspoken actions of our pets can speak volumes.


Our pets may not have mastered speech, but they communicate through body language as well as barking or meowing. If you are an animal lover like I am, then it always helps to pick up on how to read what is going on in their minds because pets add a lot of value to our lives. I have learned some tips on decoding your cat or dog’s body language through the years that can help to tell what your pet is thinking. All dogs and cats have unique personalities of their own, but here are some simple signs of how to interpret what your pets are feeling that have helped me understand more of what they are trying to say.

The Speechless Decoding Mystery Tails Convey to Tell What Your Pet Is Thinking

If you have a cat and notice the tail is completely straight up in the air, your cat is on the defensive to tell what your pet is thinking. Watch out if the back suddenly arches, ears go down and the cat’s fur puffs out and starts to stand on end because this could mean your pet is angry and about to attack. Another sure sign of a cat’s anger is rapid tag wagging. Whenever you see your cat doing that, he or she is mad so back off because that pet is not happy. He or she is planning to pounce–on you.

When the tail is slightly curved upward, your cat is happy to be around you. Your cat probably is in the mood to play.

Dogs, on the other hand, use the raised tail to show they are watchful of their surroundings. They could be eager or anxious.

Decoding your dog’s wagging tail can be interrupted several ways to tell what your pet is thinking. If you notice the height of your dog’s tail is high when wagging, then your pet is spooked by something. He or she doesn’t know how to proceed at the sight. In the event that he doesn’t budge but keeps staring at the other dog or person with ears up, then your dog may want to fight.

Any dog that wags his tail low is displaying a sign of fear. Your pet could feel insecure about his place in the home, especially if you just adopted him or her.

A happy dog wags his tail up slightly or waves it in the middle of his or her body, but more freely. The dog’s hips may even fidget when doing so.

Dogs and cats react the same way when tucking their tails between their legs. Decoding your dog or cat’s body language in this instance suggests they are afraid and upset.

The Art of How to Read Your Dog or Cat’s Belly Positions 

When cats roll and reveal their bellies, they trust you and feel secure in their place.

Dogs show their bellies because they are happy and comfortable. They are longing for a belly rub.

Only if our pets could talk. But these few ways are a start on how to tell what your pet is thinking. Hopefully, they will help you understand more of what they are feeling and trying to communicate.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    June 21, 2019 / 8:53 am

    I can almost always tell what my cat is thinking. She is easy to read lol!

  2. gloria patterson
    June 21, 2019 / 2:10 pm

    Lot of good tips on how to id what’s going on. Years ago when I would take off for a 3 day weekend I would leave extra litter boxs, food feeder and water feeder. When I would walk back in the door the youngest one would come flying toward me to welcome me back. Her mother would reach out and knock her on the floor. Then mom would look at me, tail in the air she would walk away. Several hours later mom would grace me with her presence to scratch her head.

  3. donna porter
    June 24, 2019 / 1:04 am

    I am an animal lover as well so I can usually tell by my doggy Sheba’s actions how she is feeling. I think it is because I have always had a dog in my life as long as I can remember. I am now in my 50’s with no kids so I treat Sheba as my child. I do feel sad for people who do not know the unconditional love and devotion an animal brings to your life. They can turn your bad day good!!!

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