Air-Drying Hair for Sizzling Summer Style

Air-Drying Hair for Summer Style Braids
You can get creative with braiding when air-drying hair for summer style.


Summer is the time of year when you want easy maintenance hair. The thought of taking out the blow-dryer when the hot weather is especially humid to blast even more heat on your wet hair can make you miserable. However, your hair can still look great even without relying on a blow-dryer to get you ready by drying it naturally through air-drying. And these air-drying hair tips for summer style can help you accomplish that.

The real challenge to air-drying hair is to keep your style carefree, but polished. Therefore, the best chance of succeeding with this natural solution is working with your hair’s texture as well as length. If you zero in on these few specifics, you have half the air-drying hair battle won.

Hair that is basically straight with medium to long length has a lot of great air-drying hair options. You can part the hair and twist in a bun, a few braids, reach for some metal hairpins for help in creating some soft waves to no-fuss beach hair. In fact, decorated bobby pins with rhinestones, imitation pearls, crystal or one sporting shapes like a heart, star, a bow, etc. is grabbing lots of looks for summer 2019. All you have left is waiting for the hair to dry before unclipping the pins or ties to release carefree soft bends to your style to some unstructured waves.

Wet-looking hair is also getting a lot of attention for this season and a fabulous way to capitalize on air-drying hair for summer style. Instead of pulling damp hair back and slicking on gel, pomade is a better choice. The reason is you can overdo layers of gel and leave the hair sticky, flaking or too stiff. On the other hand, pomade’s thicker consistency allows you do the same thing only using less, which prevents that happening.

Those with curly hair or waves like me have it easy. What I can get away with is applying a handful of mousse or a texture product, flip my damp head back, and then scrunch the strands. This technique gives me just enough and the types of curls that appear effortless.

Air-Drying Hair for Summer Style Wet Look Braids
The wet look is popular for summer 2019 and works out nicely with air-drying hair to simply styling.


Then again, you could have a head full of curls that has a tendency to frizz as soon as the humidity spikes up. To get away from a blow-dryer, you need to stop that kinking before it can happen by applying some leave-in hair conditioner to the ends. Start at the roots and smooth as you go toward the ends. You can let the hair hang or twist into a ponytail or two while wet. You can also dress the ponytail up with accessories such as dressy scrunchie or a decorative or jeweled hair wrap. Release the hair later after air-drying to see a revitalized curvy texture.

With these air-drying hair care tips for summer style, your beauty won’t suffer or need to subject yourself to extra heat!  For more summer hair care tips, I hope that you read another beneficial post that can keep your hair healthy and beautiful.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    July 2, 2019 / 6:31 am

    I avoid using hair dryers as much as possible and opt for air drying. Heat tools are so bad for your hair!

  2. gloria patterson
    July 2, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    Good tips big fan of air drying my hair when ever I can. The longest braid for me would be about 3 inches 🙂

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