Beat Self-Consciousness During Social Interactions

Beat Self-Consciousness During Social Interaction Self-Conscious Woman
This post can help set you free from self doubts to beat self-consciousness during social interactions.


How many times have you worried about what people will think about you without really understanding why? This unjustified inner fear is being self-conscious. If this does sound familiar, then here are some helpful tips to beat self-consciousness during social interactions that work. Once you understand the reasons that you are feeling self-conscious, the new insight you gain can give you the confidence to change.

Overthinking can hold you back and doom you from trying new things and meeting new people. When you automatically put labels on yourself, you confine yourself inside a shell. Finding faults with aspects of yourself such as your appearance can keep you from living life.  After all, your perception may be distorted without even realizing it.

Perhaps, you see yourself as having a huge nose that you feel everyone stares at is just one example. In your mind, it can be so large that it is the only feature you feel that people can see on your face. Maybe you came to that conclusion because you are constantly comparing your nose to all the other noses you see. Being the case, you might assume when talking to people that their eyes focus on your nose. Yet, they may be looking at something else entirely or never even noticed your exaggerated perception of your nose in the first place.

If the size of your nose bothers you that much, then learn how to use makeup to reshape that troublesome nose by highlighting and contouring that feature. Another suggestion is signing up for makeup lessons from a professional makeup artist to show you what you may be missing if you’re not getting the appearance you want. Chances are that your problem with your monstrous nose will be solved. Then again, you always have a more drastic option such as plastic surgery if that is what it takes to help you beat self-consciousness during social interactions.

The way we view our physical appearances isn’t the only flaw we see. We can hate the sound of our own voice to the point that we avoid talking much or avoid social situations when possible. The solution may be simpler than you believe by recording your voice and then learning to regulate the pitch. Exercising certain muscles and how you position the tongue, chest and breathing from the sound that your vocal cords make can make a voice higher or lower through practice.

Your mental image of yourself may be just as debilitating because you don’t feel as capable, worthy, intelligent, etc. as others. An early event in life could have scared you into feeling self-conscious about how you performed in a certain way that you carried that unfair judgment into the future. For instance, take a boy that sold greeting cards to the neighbors one summer and quickly finished. However, the other brother always was told that he wouldn’t be good at selling without proof by the parents. The boy could either accept that label or seek to prove his parents wrong. The boy knew he could sell and eventually went into sales and a successful career.

To beat self-consciousness during social interactions involves granting permission to be who you are without worrying about measuring up to everyone else. Learning to love yourself for whom you are instead of whom you think you need while avoiding negative people clouding your thoughts is what can help to give you more self-esteem and greater confidence



  1. gloria patterson
    July 12, 2019 / 2:05 pm

    This is very true but some people can just not do it, tears them up. My mother hates to talk in public because of her accent and that she feels stupid.

  2. July 31, 2019 / 1:24 am

    I think everyone feels like this sometimes but this is helpful

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