Finding Joy in Life When Overwhelmed

Finding Joy in Life When Overwhelmed
This post can help change your mind -set for the better.


Ask someone what joy means to them and you will receive lots of different answers. For some, joy is a windfall of money, finding love, birth of a child, recovering from a disease, career advancement, recognition in your field, and the list could go on. Joy could also include smaller things such as buying a new pair of shoes that you wanted to baking a perfect pie for the first time. The definition of joy can vary for everyone but the feeling of great pleasure and delight that it creates is universal.  Yet, here are some proven ways of finding joy in life when overwhelmed.

Everyone suffers through their share of problems. No matter what’s wrong in your life, constantly dwelling on them gets us nowhere. Though it can be far from easy to stop thinking of the bad, focusing on what is right in your life instead of letting that pent up anger and worry dominate your thoughts is one way of finding joy in life when overwhelmed.

For example, your home could have been impacted by severe weather such as flooding. You could have lost everything in one day or night. As horrible that possibility could be, you have to ask yourself what if that situation could have been worse by having a family member die or become maimed as a result. Look for what you can be thankful for in every situation can help give the strength to see beyond that current stumbling block.

Finding Joy when Overwhelmed in sunflowers
Appreciating simple pleasures can make you see the world differently when overwhelmed to find joy where you thought none was possible.

Stress and anger often can follow us home from the workplace. Those negative emotions left to fester within us can carry over to our family and friends. Therefore, another way of finding joy in life when overwhelmed as negativity sets in is to set aside some private time to recoup. Give yourself the freedom to clear your mind and tune out constant intrusions as you relax maybe over a cup of a herbal tea or soothing bath. Tell your guy you are unavailable for at least 15 minutes at a specific time every night can help calm and give you a new prospective so you can find happiness in your life.

Another trick of finding joy in life when overwhelmed is taking the initiative and asking for what we need if we can instead of silently harboring resentment. For instance, you want your guy to help you with household chores since you both work, but never asked. In the past, you hoped he would see all that you are doing and volunteer. However, he might not have asked because he assumed you liked the chores done in a certain way. Asking him directly to lend a hand can clue him into how overwhelmed you are so you can find more joy in life.

Being overwhelmed with negativity can hang over our heads like dark clouds. They can follow us if we allow them too. Only when we attempt to help ourselves and actualize what we need for our well-being can we escape their destructive hold on our emotions. You’ll be amazed at how helpful it is to take small steps toward finding joy in life when overwhelmed to discover the brightness.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    July 9, 2019 / 6:02 am

    This is great advice. I know we all can be stressed and overwhelmed at times. The last few days have been very trying at my house but I am keeping a positive attitude.

  2. gloria patterson
    July 9, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    All of this is so true and useful to so many people. My mother is one of those people that have trouble sleeping. Why because as soon as she closes her eyes she starts thinking about all the bad things. Who did this, who say what on and on, all the way back to when she was a kid. I keep telling her to think good thoughts but cannot get through to her.

  3. Lynne B
    July 11, 2019 / 10:26 am

    I think it’s important to remind yourself of these things regularly. It’s helpful to have someone in your life who can also remind you.

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