Pursuit of Happiness–8 Tricks to Improve Your Day

Purusit of Happiness 8 Instant Happiness Tricks to Improve Your Day water-fight play
Take time to play and enjoy all that you are fortunate to have in life such as family.


Regardless of how well adjusted you are, there are days when you just don’t feel like smiling and find yourself in a glum mood for one reason or another. In the pursuit of happiness, instead of wasting another beautiful day, let me share eight instant happiness tricks to improve your day and usher in joy.

Every now and then, it helps to break the monotony of your routine. Start by taking the day or a few hours off from your workday to play. Do whatever makes you happy. For instance, try sleeping in just a bit longer after the alarm jars you awake. You just might be cheerier after indulging your exhausted body with slightly more rest. Reading that new novel that you never have time to begin is a pampering way to escape to your happy place. Then again, you might prefer watching some television, eating a leisurely breakfast instead one that always seems rushed to a day out shopping.

Another one of these instant happiness tricks in the pursuit of happiness is enjoying the wonders of nature. When was the last time that you paused to actually look at the beauty of outdoors, clear sky, the amazing bounty of colors of plants, shrubs and flowers surrounding you?

Not all of us have our dream jobs and may be working in unsatisfying positions just to support ourselves or families. Setting aside some time to express your creativity through writing, art, music can help quickly to serve getting you out of a slump.

Allowing yourself a simple pleasure like a rich dessert on a weekday instead one reserved for only the weekends is another of those instant happiness tricks that can improve a day. Walking barefoot on a sandy beach is still another easy feeling to relish that can bring on happiness.

The aroma of citrus, especially the scent of lemon or plants such as lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme, etc. when inhaled can help reduce anxiety. According to one study, the reason it helps is due to its anti-microbial component of linalool.  There are about 200 plants with linalool, but here are the top plants.

Though you may not believe this, doing something for another without expecting anything in return is yet another one of those instant happiness tricks that can improve a day. When you give your time and compassion to help another, you will be surprised at how uplifting the feeling is and the miracles that follow from giving from your heart. If you’re not ready to volunteer, try just something simple like giving up your seat to an elderly person on a packed bus to offering to hold packages for another rider that may be trying to balance while holding on through that crowded bus ride home.

Gratitude for all that you have in your life can’t be stressed enough. Look around at your family, home, possessions and pets that are there for you in your life. Be thankful that you have what others may lack. Don’t stop there. You may have a successful career, full social life, talents, beauty or perfect health that others would be envious of. Despite how glum you may feel now, when you analyze all that you have is yet another one of these instant happiness tricks. If you ever doubt that, think of all the suffering people in the world and thank your lucky stars that you are not among them when you’re in pursuit of happiness.

Some people rarely smile even if it is not a cultural thing. This is sad. Smiling is another kind gift that you can offer another that won’t cost you a penny. In fact, you may gain one in return that could also brighten your day. Smiles have a way of warming people up. Smiling is another one of these instant happiness tricks that if practiced can improve any day.

This is just a sprinkling of instant happiness tricks in that pursuit of happiness that can lift your spirits when you need some extra help pulling yourself together. Try them for yourself because they do manage to accomplish that goal remarkably well.



  1. gloria patterson
    July 25, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    Made me smile just reading this. A lot of great suggestions that so many people could do and would make them a little happy inside

  2. Lynne B
    July 28, 2019 / 4:12 pm

    Random acts of kindness make me happy. A lot of little things make me happy.

  3. Kirsten Lyon
    August 11, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    Good ideas!

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