Fuego Box August 2019 Review

Fuego Box August 2019
Hot sauces not only taste delicious, but are wonderful for health and managing weight.


Fuego Box August 2019 brought three exciting new hot pepper sauces to my table. I’m sure that you’re probably wondering what I can do with so many bottles of hot sauces. Though the taste of hot and spicy is one that I never tire of, I also cook with it to enhance recipes to give them more pizzazz.

Something else that draws me to hot sauces is all the health benefit they contain. Hot sauces happen to be loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and A to defend against aging and help inflammation. They also have flavonoids for lowering blood pressure.  In addition, they have capsaicin for speeding up metabolism for better weight loss to helping with sinus trouble from clearing out the sinuses if you eat a small daily amount of hot sauce. With so much going for hot sauces such as this latest trio that came from Fuego Box August 2019, this is why I can never have enough of these serious flavor boosters.

You see my point, right? This is a reason hot sauce is a staple in my house. Just wait until I tell you more about the Fuego Box August 2019 brought. Then you’ll understand more of my devotion to hot pepper sauces.

The first of the Fuego Box August 2019 assortment included Blue Agave Sriracha from Yellowbird. This is a delightful mild to a medium heat jalapeno blend that has a touch of sweetness from agave to its spices. I enjoy my scrambled eggs using this sauce. Seriously, this is a delicious basic hot sauce that can be freely poured on the dishes and foods you like to use it on.

Creamy Herb & Jalapeno from Bravado Spice is a green hot sauce that is full of herbs, olive oil and garlic that can rock the heat from those jalapenos is a wonderful way. I added some to my homemade salad dressing and it got rave reviews from my family.

Chipotles are awesome for all the zing they contribute to foods. In fact, I adore chipotle hot sauces in general from that smokiness they give. Therefore, I was charged up to try the Plum Loco Chipotle Plum Sauce from Truth Serum. This is a perky, sweet-smoky sauce that develops beautifully with a sunny brightness that was tasty on my stir fry last night. Next time, I plan on using some of this sauce when making a new recipe of vegan burgers.

The cost of Fuego Box is $29.95 per month for three hot sauces and shipping is FREE in the USA. You also can get a reference card about the hot sauces and ideas on how to enjoy. My advice is to visit their website.  Once you give this hot sauce subscription a try, you’ll really see what you’re missing.

In case you missed last month’s review of what Fuego Box was like, I linked it for you. You can find more Fuego reviews by searching my sidebar to see what is typical.


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  1. tat2gurlzrock
    August 13, 2019 / 10:29 am

    These sound like great sauces for spicy lovers. I am intrigued by the Creamy Herb & Jalapeno.

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