3 Running Tips for Beginners to Make It More Fun and Keep You Motivated

3 Running Tips for Beginners to Keep Motivated Runner
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Instead of making excuses, I promised myself that I would fit in more running to get back in shape from some extra weight I had gained from too much baking. This is why I have been getting up earlier for the past month juggling my writing and household tasks in between running while the weather still permitted it. Let’s face it, but running is not always fun for most of us. Putting your body through vigorous paces is hard, especially if you’ve been neglecting exercising. I am no professional runner, but I remembered what helped me as a reluctant beginner runner in the past. Since I have been keeping at it and making progress, I wanted to share these same three running tips for beginners to keep motivated and as a way to make such exercise more fun over a chore.

My first mistake was thinking that I could run as soon as I hit the pavement. However, this is no way to begin if you plan to keep going. I learned earlier than when you’re out of shape and not used to running, then you need to gradually introduce yourself to it. If you just jump into running, then you’ll tire out too soon after a partial lap around your block. One of these mental tips for beginning runners is just like a baby learns to crawl, it always helps to walk first and build up that speed before plunging into it.

Even once your body toughens up with fewer sore muscles, you might be tempted to keep on running until you cover a certain distance. Again, this is the wrong way to go because you’ll run out of steam. If you intend to persevere, you need to take short rest periods along the way. Stop and just stand there for about five minutes or find a place to sit where you can catch your breath. Otherwise, in time you just associate running with pain and exhaustion.

Another of these mental tips for beginning runners that worked for me is tuning out on what I was doing physically by running. I found concentrating while listening to an interesting audio book or music helped distract me from the reality of exercising. In fact, listening to a novel that I promised myself only was reserved for my running time helped me continue longer because I needed to hear more or wait in suspense to learn more until the next run.

These running tips for beginners to keep motivated definitely help make running easier and more fun.  I hope that you try them.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    September 18, 2019 / 9:30 am

    These are great tips. It is entirely too hot where we live to take up running so I get exercise other ways.

  2. gloria patterson
    September 18, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    Sounds like some good tips to start running. Running was never my thing I have to much bust. A friend a mind jogs with 2 sports bras on and still bounces.

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