Innovative Other Uses for How to Get Rid of Pennies

Coins Innovative Other Uses for Pennies
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Pennies have little respect for what they can buy anymore. However, there are some innovative other uses for how to get rid of pennies that will shock you. After reading this post, you may gain a new appreciation for those spare pennies laying around.

1. Use as a game piece

If you are missing a piece from your board game, a penny can substitute for a token such as in monopoly to missing checkers.

2. Keep cut flowers fresh longer

Did you know that copper in a penny and about a teaspoon of sugar can help keep cut flowers alive? The reason is because copper is a fungicide that can destroy the bacteria and fungi that start to grow after sticking them in your vase. Yet, not all pennies will due. For this to work, you need pennies dated around 1982 or earlier. After 1982, the composition of pennies changed when the government added more zinc.

3. Fight off slugs threatening your garden

Fighting off wildlife from devouring what you are growing in your garden is one thing, but slugs are easier to repel. The pests hate copper. Therefore, you can form a protective homemade device out of a Styrofoam ball that you wedge in more of those old copper pennies and adhere with adhesive. After you have enough attached to that ball, stick it firmly in the ground in another way for how to get rid of pennies.

4. To check tire treads

Here’s a simple way to test how worn your tires are. Stick a penny into a groove with the Lincoln’s head upside down. You’ll quickly see a need for replacement when you Lincoln’s full head during that insertion. Even seeing a part of his head is a clue that your tire is on its way out.

5. For learning how to counting

Pennies also can be used to teach children how to count. Needless to say, pennies can also be swallowed so adults need to keep that in mind before leaving young children alone with them.

6. To use for a toss game

Pitching pennies into a jar can be a fun family game. Testing your aim can be challenging, especially the higher the bottle or jar.

7. To encourage children to save

If you want to help teach your children the importance of saving money, you might want to get him or her a piggy bank. Children love to “feed” their piggy every chance they get. At the same time, your piggy will gain considerable weight. If you drop the piggy, prepare for lots of work picking and rolling up all the coins.

8. To straighten drapes

Besides silverware, you can also weigh down drapes at the bottom by inserting pennies. Shower curtains won’t blow open to get water everywhere if you remember to load in those pennies at the bottom.

9. To use in craft projects

You can make a lot of interesting and creative pieces using pennies. Try gluing pennies on an old stiletto for an artistic piece to adorn your home. You can also turn an ugly tray into a gorgeous work of art by gluing pennies over it and then coating with a shiny lacquer or polyurethane. You can also add to your home’s decor in the same way. Perhaps, you have a piece of old furniture such as end tables or a coffee table that has a top that needs refinishing. Instead of stripping and sanding, you can glue pennies over it and then protect it with polyurethane in the same way. Once you are through, you will create a unique piece that is also protected from any water spills.

10. To tighten screws

In case you ever misplace your flathead screwdriver, you don’t have to worry. Believe it or not, a penny can serve the same purpose for tightening a loose screw due to its shape.

I’m sure there are lots of innovative other uses for how to get rid of pennies besides the creative ideas that I’ve shared. If you have any other clever ways to use pennies for other than spending, then feel free to let me know what they are in the comments.

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  1. Heather!
    October 4, 2019 / 7:58 am

    I read several years ago that you could put a penny in a plastic baggie filled with water. Hang it someplace like a porch and it will deter flies from hanging around. I have tried it, but maybe not enough to really know whether or not it works. For the short time I did try it, it didn’t really seem to do much. But who knows? YMMV!

    Thanks for these other ideas! I have wanted to try making a penny-top table for ages, but it seems like a big job. Maybe one day…. :)

    • nuts4stuff
      October 5, 2019 / 10:45 am

      Hi Heather,

      I never heard of a penny to deter flies. Just maybe, it would work in the same way as it does for slugs by using an older penny (around 1982) over the newer ones. The reason is maybe the copper could do something to repel them just like it does for slugs. I have no idea. The new pennies have too much zinc to act in the same way as the older pennies.

  2. Lisa G
    November 6, 2019 / 7:22 pm

    Multi-usage and I cannot find one laying around

  3. kathy pease
    November 26, 2019 / 2:20 am

    Wow so many great uses I especially love the straightening drapes tip. That is such a great idea :)

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