McCafe Mocha Coffee #SimplyDeliciousAtWalmart

McCafe Mocha Salted Caramel Coffee #SimplyDeliciousAtWalmart

I hate to admit this but I am a coffee addict. Coffee does have some medical benefits as well that gives me some peace of mind.   I cannot go through a day, regardless of how hot or cold it may be without my fill of coffee. Nevertheless, I do have another odd quirk regarding sweetened flavored coffee and plain brewed. I only like drinking unsweetened regular coffee with cream at meal time. Flavored coffees are reserved as a special treat when craving a dessert to indulge my sweet tooth. However, I had never tried any of the flavored ground McCafe Mocha coffee until She Speaks invited me to test their Salted Caramel Mocha.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

If you are hungry for something sweet and delectable, the McCafe Salted Caramel Mocha is the perfect way to indulge. The aroma of regular, fresh coffee brewing is enough to lure me in. But add that luscious influx of caramel and chocolate flavor, it made the air smell as tempting as in bakery. In my case, I couldn’t help wish the coffee maker finished dripping the coffee down faster so I could finally taste it.

When I finally had a cup with a little milk and sugar as I do when drinking any flavored coffee, I appreciated the light roast that had just enough smoothness without any burned or too strong coffee taste. The underlying caramel and mocha only made that drink more extraordinary in how it enhanced that dessert quality.

One thing for sure, if you’re trying to curb normal desserts and can’t stop or want something special to serve holiday guests, then McCafe ground coffee flavored coffee can help you out of that fix. I really enjoyed my choice with their Salted Caramel Mocha. They also have a Chocolate Mocha and Cinnamon Mocha, which after this experience, I plan to try.

When you are through drinking coffee, you can save your coffee grinds up to make a great DIY cellulite coffee scrub.

Next time that you go shopping, I suggest getting a bag of flavored McCafe mocha coffee and try yourself. I got mine at Walmart for $5.84.


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