Merkaela Fall 2019 Box Review–LUNAR

Merkaela fall 2019 box

One of the best ways to pamper body and mind is taking a holistic approach to your well-being like the natural wellness products that you can find in a Merkaela Box. Using handmade botanicals for their bath, beauty and enlightening meditation centered around a theme, you can experience inner peace through their seasonal assortment of nourishing self-care products like the Merkaela fall 2019 LUNAR box I’m loving.

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If you’re thinking of a perfect way to accomplish that sort of inner bliss, then the Merkaela Box is one subscription you got to discover too. Each season is like going on a fresh journey to help the mind, body and spirit for a total natural approach to wellness through body to soul with two different box options to select from. The deluxe box like the Merkaela fall 2019 LUNAR box that arrived can come with between six and nine products for just $65 plus shipping whereas the Essentials box is $35 with shipping for three to five products.

What’s Inside the Merkaela Fall 2019 LUNAR Box

Merkaela Fall 2019 Box Displayed


The first product that I had to spend some quality time with was their Moon Salt Bath for deep relaxation. This is an eight-ounce jar that has such an intoxicating scent with its essentials oils, herbs, flowers, and healing salts. What I really notice about this product is about two tablespoons is more than enough in my running bath to provide needed aromatherapy to soothe my tensions of the day. Seriously, I think Merkaela makes one of the best bath soaks you could ever loose yourself to with how those ingredients seem to work their magic on mind and body.

I also got an Oatmeal Lavender bar soap that helps prolong that sensational calming aromatherapy when soaking in that tub with the Moon Salt bath while treating my skin with natural oils and herbs. This lavender-scented soap lathers beautifully too lavish and spoil every inch as you wash.

Next, I tried the Merkaela Frankincense Body Butter (4 oz.), which is as therapeutic for the mind with its sweet balsamic aroma as it is for lovingly caring for the skin. This formula has healing nutrients such as frankincense and St. John’s for inflammation that antibacterial properties, licorice extract for brightening and soothing as well as a bounty of rich natural oils and vitamins among its beneficial ingredients.

If you still needed more help after a Merkaela bath, you have to have suffered a really horrible day. In that case, there is always the Merkaela Rosemary Mediation Exlir (2 oz.). This is a spray to lift a wounded spirit and help clear away that bad energy and help your mind refocus. You just spray a little on the crown of your head and let your senses benefit. I found I was better able to concentrate without distractions after breathing it in for a while, which was nice after one rough day.

Also, inside I found a box of Mandala Tibetian Incense from Tibet. There are five herbal incenses such as sandalwood (stillness and unity), jasmine (creativity and harmony), rose (love and trust), musk (calmness) and red sandalwood (balance emotions) that help resolve what’s going on in your life in different ways by burning them.

Last but not least, is the Vivoo Wellness app. This a urine testing tool that comes with strips that can help determine a possible infection or learn if you are not hydrated enough, poor eating habits, etc.

You also get a Lunar Moon guide, affirmation, meditation, and a playlist to help usher in good vibes in conjunction with the moon.

Subscribing to this box is quarterly so you won’t be bogged down with a stockpile of too many natural products that may expire before you get a chance to use them. In other words, a Merkaela Box can save you money over a monthly natural health and wellness box because you have enough time to use those mostly organic products, instead of wasting them.

In all honesty, Merkaela Box is more than another bath box. The only way that I can describe it is wholesome, energized wellness for the total well-being.  You can also read an earlier review of their Summer 2017 ALIVE box.

If you haven’t tried this box yet or searching for the perfect holiday gift, birthday or mother’s day gift, I highly recommend this.  In fact, you can save  10% off their Quarterly Subscription (Month to Month) coupon code SOLSTICE at checkout. Trust me, but you will understand the mood it puts you in once you experience Merkaela yourself.

***UPDATE:  Please use coupon code BLOOM at checkout to save that 10% off your Quarterly Subscription.****



  1. Shannon D Citrino
    October 15, 2019 / 7:00 am

    This looms really great!!

  2. gloria patterson
    October 16, 2019 / 2:26 pm

    Never heard of these products before but it sounds like something that I would like.

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