Bad Hair Day Fixes You’ll Want to Remember

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We all had our share of bad hair days. I don’t know about you, but when your hair seems to have a mind of its own, then it is frustrating trying to get it to do what you want. Therefore, I thought you would be interested in how to save your own hair in the future after reading a few of my own bad hair day fixes of what worked for me.

How many times has your hair suffered from static electricity after removing your winter hat? Avoiding this is easy if you carry a little of smoothing cream, hand lotion or body lotion to lightly pat over your head. Those misbehaving strands will soon fall in line and return your hair too normal.  Once you remove your coat, you may also notice a static problem with your dress or blouse clinging to you. You may not have a can of Static Guard on hand, but you can do the same rescue with any of those lotions (my preference is hand or body lotion) applied to your pantyhose, slip or camisole.  You will save money and never need to feel embarrassed again.

For those occasions when your hair fell victim to rain, you can try smoothing cream, hand or body lotion as well for helping you salvage it. This works as a great save if your hair is medium length or longer because after you apply the product, you’ll work the hair into a loose bun. The hair gets a better chance to dry as well as gain a slight bit of wavy texture to it when it finally dries.

My hair has a natural curl to it. The longer the length, the more waves it has than curls. When I get it layered, the curls spring out everywhere. A trick that I found that helps when the curls go their own way is lightly patting that wildness down with some water or misting it with water if it affects my entire head.

Speaking of frizz and curls, I noticed that the better nourished my hair is, the less that I seem to experience problems. What I have been doing daily besides normal conditioning is using a conditioning shine serum daily to make sure that the strands don’t dry out to become dehydrated, which causes frizzy hair in the first place.

Bangs can be a real problem if you have them. Had you ever over used too much of your styling products and end up with pasty, sticky bangs or ever woke up with them sticking up or bent the wrong way? My fix for bangs and bad hair days is shampooing just the bangs instead of the entire head is the best solution. I tried just the dry shampoo to remove excess styling products, but I always had better results with more control by just normally shampooing that one section.

One thing that I hate is when you spray too much hair spray and end up with hard, helmet head hair. However, my fix for a bad hair day like that is simple because all you need is to pull out your blow dryer.

Those of us with hair that is starting to gray probably will notice hair color always seems to fade first near the roots as the hair grows. If you want to stretch the need to color your hair so soon, then you can always resort to a temporary fix to touch up the color. You can try a hair color maker, temporary hair color spray, a matching color of your mascara or eye shadow powder to mask those sparkling strands of gray.

For those bad hair days when you tried to fit in a workout and return to work only to discover the sweat has ruined your style, here is a bad hair day fix for you. Instead of panicking, grab your blow dryer and dry the wet strands around your face and crown, which can help the styling products whip back into shape. Another of these fixes for those of bad hair days after the gym is packing a tube of texture cream. A little amount of texture cream scrunched into your hair can perk up a failing style to invigorate it.

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for avoiding bad hair days when you’re sick, tired or you have an overly greasy head. Perhaps, you don’t have any of that product on hand when this problem happens. Try some cornstarch to rub into the scalp. It can absorb excess oils and later be brushed out just the same way as a dry shampoo, only minus the chemicals.

Hair accessories are also helpful for bad hair day fixes. Headbands, barrettes, hair pins, and ties can do wonders to redo your style when your hair refuses to comply with your wishes.

You also might want to read my earlier post with helpful hair care tricks on how to give your hair the best finish.

These are just a few bad hair day fixes that have helped me when my hair refused to be obedient. Hopefully, what I just shared won’t be needed but can help you too.


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