Fuego Box Review December 2019

Fuego Box December 2019 For Flavor That Rocks


Some people dismiss hot sauce automatically and may not realize hot sauces are actually good for their health, waistlines as well as cooking to give recipes a fresh take. They may assume it is too hot or spicy too never experienced the taste difference unique artisan hot sauces make. Unlike the average variety of hot pepper sauces that you may find locally, Fuego Box December 2019 is a wild roller coaster ride of hot and spicy thrills from what I sampled for this month’s review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Have I piqued your curiosity yet as to what this month’s Fuego hot sauce box offered? Well, it ranged the gamut in the variety of exquisite tastes and degrees of heat. Think of this hot sauce box trio as a flavorful journey that can take you to new highs.

The first one is Nam Prik Chili Sauce from Reserve Batch. This is an Asian inspired pepper fish sauce that packs a savory, medium punch. It has a great nip as well as rousing brightness to its mix that goes over well when I tried in on my scrambled eggs. If you still find it too hot, try adding a little ketchup to mix with it.

Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce from Seed Ranch already was in my good graces even before I tasted it since I love anything that has smoked chipotle. This chipotle sauce is a medium heat and had its sweetness from carrots and dates. The flavor was just sinfully good in its simplicity in how the recipe allowed those ingredients to shine. This is a versatile hot sauce. I tasted it first on a piece of chicken yesterday, which was wonderful.

DA Kine Hawaiian Hot Sauce is a delightful blend with tropical pineapple and cayenne red peppers to brighten and tame the heat. This isn’t a sweeter sauce, but one that excites and draws out the most flavor whatever you pour it on while keeping your tongue intact.

If you still debating on holiday gifts, a hot sauce box subscription to Fuego Box makes a thoughtful gift. If you’re wondering what last month’s Fuego Box was like, I linked that  review here for you. Check their website out.


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  1. December 18, 2019 / 5:57 am

    My household definitely believes in hot sauce!! Use it daily

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