Holiday Conversation Starters Over Political Feuding

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For awhile now, I have noticed such hatred now dominating our country. Regardless of a Republican or Democratic president, people were once able to discuss politics civilly. However, the reign of Donald J. Trump has ushered in more anger and brought out more hidden resentment to the likes of what we have never seen before. Unless you are living under a rock, everyone has their own opinion on his impeachment, which is sure to come up over your family gathering during holiday conversation. For this reason, I have gathered some safe holiday conversation starters because you’ll probably need it if your family is as divided as mine.

As soon as you feel your blood pressure rising over what was just said, you could artfully switch topics by talking about a great movie, a new television program, a play, a game, an event to an exhibit that you recently saw to books that you just read.

Pets and children are another safe topic that can get you out of a bind when the conversation gets rough. Your pets like your children are always into something that make us laugh, put us off guard to making us see the world in a new light. Ask about how the children are doing in school is another of these holiday conversation starters that can help you out in a pinch.

Food is another of those safe holiday conversation starters that never fails when the talk gets uncomfortable. Sharing a recipe or asking about a recipe or commenting on how delicious something was to where they shop or found the best price for some ingredient can help when you can feel a heated exchange about to start.

You could also steer the conversation away from impeachment fighting and ask about work. Is that person still at the same place?

Your guests might also be thinking of moving to a new home. You could ask if they settled on any neighborhood yet or properties that might suit them?

Music can soothe the soul. Therefore, excuse yourself to put on some calming holiday music when the air is starting to feel toxic. Talking about music and favorites or new song they heard is also one of those safe holiday conversation starters when needed.

Finally, when all else fails for holiday conversation starters, try making a joke out of what is happening. Laughter and learning to laugh at oneself can do a lot to ease tension. The holiday season and politics, especially now do not mix. After all, the holidays are meant to be full of joy–not stressful feuding to ruin what should be celebrated.

Hopefully, you won’t need to resort to preplanned holiday conversation starters because of the battle of Donald J. Thrump’s impeachment. Nonetheless, if your family is anything like mine, you probably should give what I said here some thought because it will probably come up to disrupt your meal and holiday celebration.

Having watched all the impeachment hearings and reading a printed copy of the letter in question myself, I have strong opinions as well. I also know what is right and wrong. Yet, do those we elect really have our best interests at heart or, perhaps, their own? Money and power are powerful motivators to keep troops loyal.

People say our 45th president has his own style of governing with all this tweets, uncalled for nicknames for those that disagree with him to being caught in a series of lies. All I will say is, would you want your children acting this way?

Happy holidays to you and your family!


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