Holiday Gift Giving Secrets to Keep in Mind

Holiday Gift Giving Secrets to Keep in Mind


There are people that never have any trouble over the thoughts of holiday shopping and gift giving with how organized they are. On the other hand, there are others that procrastinate because they hate the idea of all the hassle shopping involves in the first place from crowded stores and long lines to frustration over what constitutes appropriate gifts or amounts to spend for gift giving to all that should be on that holiday shopping list. Since most people cannot afford the easy way out to hire a personal shopper to do the hard work, then here are a few holiday gift giving secrets that can come to your rescue to make this season’s shopping easier.

What I like to do is to start planning holiday gift giving ideas ahead as early in the year as possible. I keep a small notebook for this purpose jotting down the people that I buy gifts for and likely items from prior discussions that they might like. Of course, you can do this on your phone too and expand upon the growing list when you find new items to build upon.

Something else that comes in handy is taking advantage of those company newsletters that always fill your inbox. Often when you sign up for shopping emails, those same companies will ask for your birthday, which can work to your savings benefit if you happen to mention the early part of December since you can get special coupons because of your birthday.

If you are hoping to get the best deal while saving yourself both time and energy, something that can come to your rescue is turning to shopping apps such as CamelCamelCamel. This is just one such app that can check prices online so you can find the lowest price.

Before you get overwhelmed and spending more money than you can afford, limit yourself to who is going to receive gifts and how much to spend for each one on that list like your immediate family, grandparents, and inlaws. Smaller gifts are ones for teachers, grab bags or friends. While it is wonderful to be generous at this time of year, not all people have that freedom. Those credit card bills and interest will only crush that holiday spirit later to cause stress from the impact it will have on your budget.

Though it is wonderful to give and get gifts, holiday gift giving is best when it comes from your heart–not because you take it as an obligation.  Hopefully, these holiday gift giving secrets can help.


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