Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost Much

Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Practically Free


The holiday season is the time we love to give and receive gifts. Who doesn’t love to be generous and share that contagious holiday spirit with our family, friends to co-workers? However, not all people may have that luxury of buying expensive gifts due to possible unforseen financial circumstances. Needless to say, there are some homemade holiday gift ideas that won’t cost you much, which are often overlooked, but ones that could still feel a heart with holiday cheer.

Homemade baked treats can make a wonderful and thoughtful gift. A beautiful platter of a variety of cookies, cake or a pie that is accompanied by hand-printed recipe cards of each, can be a lovely gesture. To make it even more festive, wrap carefully and top with a holiday dish towel.

DIY beauty products also can come to your rescue for homemade holiday gift ideas that won’t cripple a budget. You probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen or pantry with maybe an exception of one or a few ingredients. A gift both sexes would welcome to wind down after an exhausting day is a soothing bath soak such as my DIY Detox Mineral Bath recipe, presented in a jar complete with a homemade specialty label and bow to a healthy homemade body oil.

Something else that you may not have considered as a holiday gift idea that won’t cost you is creating a certificate to share for a specific service. For example, you can specify pet-sitting when your friend or relative goes on vacation. If you have a special talent like sewing, you can have the gift recipient redeem for sewing lessons such as learning to hem for one, repair rips for a second lesson, etc. Then again, you could have a talent for painting or handyman type of jobs that another would love help with. You could always offer a bit of your time and service as such a gift.

A gift that surely would go over well is something that you personally crafted such as knitted or a crocheted cap and gloves, an afghan or a picture that you painted. Some others like to work with wood and other materials to create items like a jewelry box, a dollhouse, etc.  Those sorts of homemade holiday gift ideas can show another a lot of love from all the time that went into the project by creating that special gift just for that person.

Regifting may be frowned upon by some, but it actually can work to your advantage when your finances are at a low. After all, if you don’t particularly care for the item but know another would like it, then regifting can be the solution as one of those perfect holiday gift ideas that won’t cost you much. The important thing to remember is keeping track of the person who gifted it to you in the first place. Otherwise, it could make for an awkward situation.

These are just a few holiday gift ideas to ponder. Regardless of homemade or a store-bought gift that was practically free or could cost a fortune, the real value is the thought involved. When a gift is given freely without expectations that comes from your heart, it can be the best one of all!


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