The Christmas Eve Mystery

The Christmas Eve Mystery Bag


Usually, I don’t check outside my door before I go to bed. However, I still have some package deliveries that I was waiting for on Christmas Eve. Therefore, I decided to peer out just in case something was dropped off. Instead of FedEx, UPS or postal delivery, I discovered a little surprise at my front door and a mystery on Christmas Eve still waiting to be solved.

Astonished, I found a small red shopping bag with a few prepacked sweets inside. There was no note or card so I have no clue who dropped them off. I figured one of the neighbors maybe? But they usually ring the door bell. Then a bit of paranoia set in about this Christmas Eve’s mystery gift and you wonder what if it wasn’t the neighbor but someone else?

For the most part, people like to be acknowledged when they give a gift. Of course, this is not always the case such as those generous souls that may leave huge donations in the Salvation Army kettle or play secret Santa to pay off holiday lay away bills.

Yet, in the current world that we live in, there is something eerie about an unsigned Christmas Eve mystery gift left on your sidewalk. It’s like Halloween where you have to examine the treats before the kids wolf them down. And the treats in this bag don’t fill me with holiday cheer, but a strange feeling of apprehension. After all, who knows what might have been done to them?

Though I’m probably worried for nothing, I still can’t understand why someone would go to the trouble of dropping off a gift without knocking, ringing the doorbell or inserting a card, note to give me a clue. I am almost sure they are ok and just what they seem to be. Some treats left by someone wanting to pass on some Christmas cheer. Most likely a neighbor was responsible. Yes, this has crossed my mind.

The only problem is the neighbors that may have left such a gift always had rang the bell, knocked and left a card. Furthermore, the neighbors that I believe could have left such a gift were not home.

I had almost expected a phone call or email to explain the drop off of this mystery gift. However, my phone never rang that night or Christmas day. My next thought was there had to be a message in my email inbox just waiting to clear this mystery of Christmas Eve up. Still, this never happened.

To be perfectly honest, I would be afraid to eat anything in this mystery bag. Instead, I will be tossing it out of precaution. So if anyone out there leaves stuff, especially food of any sort at someone’s door, please leave a note or a card so the person knows who sent them. I would like to thank the person.

Have you ever had such a Christmas Eve mystery such as this to solve?  One thing that is certain, this is memorable and one for my Christmas Memory Box.



  1. Tina Coleman
    December 26, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    I would have done the same thing. Back in the day when I was a child, this happened to our house all the time. Everyone on our “hill” watched out for each others children, whipped their butt if they needed it, plowed their driveways, left holiday pies, cakes and cookies was the norm. Nowadays, no freaking way! It’s a scary and different world than back in the 70’s when you could trust mostly everyone.

    • nuts4stuff
      December 27, 2019 / 2:06 am

      Yes, it really is so strange and scary. Believe it or not, I thought maybe that I would get a phone call or email. However, I still never found out who left that unsigned bag.

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