What I Wish for This New Year

My Wish for the New Year 2020 Dogs Celebrating


Many of you will probably be making out your list of holiday resolutions and what you would like to change. I, too, have many things to work on from dropping some weight to exercising more. You would think that one of my wishes for 2020 would be an unexpected windfall coming my way. A lot of money would always be welcome, but I also have another wish for the new year that goes beyond myself that is just as important, not only to me but to each and every one of us.

How is it that every time I turn on my television to watch the news that there is never a day that passes without a shooting? What is happening to our society? I can never understand the purpose of shooting innocent bystanders or when it becomes necessary to use a bullet to settle an argument?  My sincere wish for the new year is that we all could remember to treat each the way that we want to be treated.

Are people just too stressed to their breaking points anymore that shootings are just our new reality? Think about it, you get in your car and don’t know who is in the next lane. You might drive too slowly to get the finger or worse–a bullet if that driver gets agitated enough.

Schools are not what they used to be.  You need to be prepared that you could be sending your child off to school and always have a chance he or she may never return home due to a school shooting. These days schools have metal detectors to help find concealed weapons, guards in the hallways to the need for children and teachers to practice how to react in case of a shooter on the premises.

Our places of worship are always under attack from the increased rise of hatred in our country. What is wrong with people? I don’t care if you are a practicing Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic, etc. All religious beliefs are sacred to their followers and deserve respect.  Yet, there have been more shootings at houses of worship than ever.  I wish for the new year that others learn each of us has the freedom to practice our religion without worrying about being attacked, bombed or shot because of conflicting beliefs.  Who are we that have the right to judge each other?

If you had watched Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial in the House of Representatives, then you would have witnessed the uncontrolled behavior by some of the Republicans that refused to settle down when they were out of line or their time was over. I heard name calling and saw shouting just to disrupt the proceedings, despite the gavel pounding. Where has that courtesy and respect gone? No wonder, Republicans and Democrats needed to build a wall between their offices. With the tension in that chamber, I almost expect the next step will be for them to start shooting each other.

You would think that such an alarming increase in the number of shootings would be addressed by those in power. Yet, we always hear the same thing. It was just a sick shooter–not because of the guns or the increase of hatred that inspired that need to shoot in the first place.

The gun lobby is extremely powerful with deep pockets. How many more lives will have to be lost because of greed and their unsurpassed influence by those that have the power to change that? Extra wealth is incredibly appealing, but having it does not protect even those individuals from the power of a bullet if being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Each of our votes matter.  Together we can change through elections.

Is the next step having everyone carry a gun to pull out like in the days of the Old West to stay safe or settle arguments?

Think how much more the gun industry would make to spur the economy. All the companies that manufacture bullets will also be thrilled, needing more workers to carry out production. In fact, you branch out with another industry with protective clothing.  This is another specialized industry could pop out that could also be a boost to grow the economy.

Imagine designer bullet proof jackets, coats, fashionable headgear to accessories for carrying and storing your weapons. I can see it now with fashion runaways that change each season with the trendiest protective clothing and accessories for the stylish shooter. Jewelry makers can also cash in while using their creativity with a bullet inspired line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets to rings.

How can you forget the economic boom for funeral related businesses? Look at all the extra embalming chemicals and makeup that could be sold to caskets or urns and furnaces for those preferring cremation. Florists and flower growers would also reap more financial gains if this became our new reality. More gravediggers would also be needed.

As ridiculous as what I am describing may sound, there are those that would do anything to make a profit–despite the costs to others. If nothing is ever done about regulating guns, then I suggest investing in stocks for bullet and gun companies. After all, we might as well at least see a boost to our income too–while we’re still here among the living.

Is this any way to make America great again? I think not.


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