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Valentine’s Day is approaching. Chocolate is one gift that you might be considering to give your sweetheart, family member or friend that adores chocolate. Why not elevate your game and give that special someone fine European chocolates over that traditional sampler box? A sure bet too win that heart is with a Chocope Box chocolate subscription like the delicious Vienna assortment that arrived at my door.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

If you never heard or experienced a Chocope Box yet, you are missing out on a great pleasure of life with the fine European chocolates this company can curate. What is so unique about this chocolate subscription box is that each month contains 10-15 full-size chocolates, including quite a few huge bars with a specific theme linking them to a different European country such as the Vienna Box that I am enjoying so much.

The cost of a subscription is $69.99 a month with free shipping for all options, $203.97 for three months to $389.94 prepaid for six months. Trust me, but what I have been sampling from my Vienna assortment from Chocope Box is for ultimate sweet tooth pampering. To prove that point, let me tell you what delectable and quality chocolates I discovered.

Chocope Box Vienna Assortment

Chocope Box

1. Mirabell’s Genuine Salzburger Mozartkugeln Chocolate Bar – This is a typical Austrian speciality with a rich tradition of filled chocolate. (100grams)
2. Ritter SPORT special Winter 2019 edition – Speculaas bar (100grams). This is chocolate with holiday spices.
3. Ritter SPORT special Winter 2019 edition–Candied Almond bar (100grams). Imagine snacking on incredibly silky chocolate with caramelized almonds throughout its sensational sweetness.
4. Monarc Schoko Bananen Wintertiere is a bag of edible, foiled wrapped Christmas tree decorations meant to be devoured. Each piece is a banana mousse complimented with chocolate that will make a heart sing.
5. Lindt Creation–Honey Nougat Bar (150grams) is creamy milk chocolate with an inner cream filling and bits of crunchy nougat.
6. Heidi Florentine Millk Chocolate Bar (100 grams)–This is velvety milk chocolate topped with almond flakes, sour cream and caramel that can brighten a day.
7. Milka Strawberry Bar (100grams)–This is delicate milk chocolate and strawberry flavored yogurt filling that you will find hard to resist.
8. Suchard Finessa (150grams)–This is a sinfully good dark chocolate bar with an awesome coconut filling.
9. Spar Premium Heidelbeere (100grams)–This is a white chocolate bar enhanced for eating pleasure with blueberry throughout the bar.
10. Ferro Mon Cheri (168grams)–This box has 16 dark chocolate cherry liqueur chocolate pieces filled with a cherry.

I simply love the Chocope Box chocolate subscription because you get  to taste the world of fine European chocolates without leaving home.  To top it off, this company doesn’t skimp on what they send with the quantity of the chocolate you get.

Seriously, if you’re a lover of chocolate and appreciate that incredible artistry of fine European chocolates, then Chocope Box is a must to experience! It’s perfect for giving as gifts for someone special–including yourself!


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