Fuego Box January 2020 Review


Fuego Box January 2020


Kicking up flavor to start the new year is what Fuego Box January 2020 does best. With the trio of this month’s hot sauces, this artisan hot sauce subscription had some exciting flavor twists to this month’s box. Therefore, if you also appreciate the savory flavor with different degrees of burn, then you’ll love this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The first hot pepper sauce is from Horsetooth Hot Sauce with their Naughty #4. This pepper sauce is a wild ride of intense spicy flavor with a fire to it from a blend of haberno peppers, mango and Scotch Bonnet peppers in its mix. Imagine a volcano starting to rumble before it slowly spews out lava, only this flow sizzles with heat and uncontrolled flavor. I first tried some on roasted chicken and thought it was very good once I could feel my lips again.

Second in my box, I discovered Shaquanda’s Spicier Smoke Hot Pepper Sauce. I love anything with a smokiness to hot sauce. This sauce has a nice medium heat that goes so well with these smoked red peppers and paprika among their other spicy ingredients. This is one of those great basic hot sauces that can compliment practically anything from eggs, fish, burgers, etc.

Gindo’s Fresh Pepper Truffle Parmesan Hot Sauce was another winner. It has an incredible earthy taste with bright tones to it combined with just enough Parmesan cheese that tames down the heat just perfectly. This is another very versatile hot sauce that has more spice than searing heat that you’ll love adding to whatever you pour hot sauce on.

The cost for Fuego Hot Sauce is $29.95 a month with free shipping for three artisan hot sauces that I am fairly confident that you wouldn’t find in your area locally.

All three sauces from Fuego Box January 2020 were unique in their own ways with something special to offer your taste buds. If you haven’t gotten around to ordering from this hot sauce subscription, then I hope that you give them a try because I really do love their boxes.

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