How to Listen to Your Skin and Adapt

The Importance of Listening to Skin and Adapting Products


There are those that think grabbing the latest skin care products is all it takes to perfect their complexions. However, factors like diet, stress, sleep, climate, and general health also can play a part. This is why it is important to listen to your skin and read the signs of what it is trying to tell you in order to adapt skin care products toward your goal of a perfect complexion.

Our skin is an amazing organ that is constantly changing as well as renewed on a daily basis. Therefore, it makes more sense to tailor skin care to the current state of what our skin is experiencing instead of sabotaging it by using the wrong skin care ingredients.

After all, your complexion may be drier or more sensitive one particular day and require a heavier formulation or a moisturizer with fewer ingredients. Other days, the skin may be suffering a breakout and excess oiliness that could be brought on from a variety of different reasons to require a lighter formulation or a water-based solution. Feeding the skin the correct diet of beneficial nutrients that it requires could keep it better satisfied and balanced with less likelihood of inviting complexion issues.

Having a few different sorts of skin care basics on hand that you can rotate with, depending on what your skin is undergoing can be helpful in how to listen to your skin and adapt to its needs. To keep a complexion happy, keep a jar of sunscreen, day cream, an antioxidant serum, anti-aging night cream, eye cream, cleanser, and exfoliating product to use at least once a week.

Usually, I layer an anti-aging serum first and allow it a few seconds to sink in, then follow with moisturizer and eye cream before applying my broad spectrum sunscreen for daytime, When my skin is really dry, I apply about three drops of an oil such as squalane oil, which is lightweight and capable of more intensive hydration while also calming inflammation and boosting circulation. For those occasions when my skin is more sensitive, I don’t layer the serum and go directly for a lighter moisturizer and my squalane oil instead.

Though it is not a must, I also highly recommend adding a facial spray to your skin care essentials. My favorite is a botanical rose spray that I mist to freshen up when my skin starts feeling dry through the day. Depending on what my complexion is doing, I switch the rose spray out for either lavender or my grapefruit sprays.

Listening to skin and adapting skin care never should be overlooked when it comes to cleansing if you’re striving for a perfect complexion. For instance, you wash in the morning and then get on the exercise bike or go for a run but just tissue off your face when you’re through. The only problem is your skin is releasing impurities that can become imbedded to clog pores and contribute to oil. Cleansing your face after any form of exercise can help.  You might want to try my homemade rose face wash, which gently pampers as it cleans.


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  1. tat2gurlzrock
    February 4, 2020 / 1:08 pm

    These are great tips. I have always tried to take the very best care of my skin.

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