How to Repurpose Old Socks

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Why is it that sending socks to the laundry always doesn’t end well? Sometimes, a pair of socks can mysteriously disappear in our washing machines or with only one coming back when you go to retrieve them. If this happens to you at times and you’re wondering what to with that collection of old odd socks, I have a few creative ideas on how to repurpose them.

Try using an old sock over the head of your dry mop. This is a wonderful way to dust a hardwood floor. All you have to do is replace the handle over the sock and get to it. You can launder them or just toss after you finish as I do.

Use an old odd sock to deal with cobwebs in your basement rafters to fashion a spider web duster. I use a yardstick and attach an old sock around it with a rubber band. Later, I just remove and throw what was collected away.

Another great idea for what to do with an old odd sock is making a pin cushion for when you sew. Cut in, stuff it with another part of the sock and roll into a small ball. This trick can save you money and keep those straight pins and needles organized.

You also use an old sock to help when you are suffering. Stuff a clean one with some uncooked rice can provide relief when you can’t find your heating pad. What you do is to fill it with enough rice to be able to mold on your sore shoulder, leg, etc. and heat for about a minute in the microwave to help pain.

An old sock can be cut into several small sections to serve as a makeshift disposable cleaning rag. I keep some in a small container in my bathroom vanity for wiping soap scum, cleaning out the sink, getting rid of curling iron residue, etc. to polishing and buffing shoes.  They are also handy for removing scuff marks from patent leather shoes.

Odd Sock Artistry Sock Puppets
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – Hans

Anyone with pets will find another use to repurpose old odd socks for making great toys for cats and dogs. Why would you buy a new stuffed toy when all it takes is a little ingenuity? For my cat, I cut the sock and stuff with catnip. You don’t even have to sew it, but close it with a rubber band or a tie then finish with a longer string to pull. The trick is not to overstuff or create a “rag-mouse” that is too big. You want your “rag-mouse” to be soft enough and smaller so the cat can proudly capture and carry it.  My cat loved pouncing on her “rag-mouse” and marching proudly through the house with her prize to show us that she was still a masterful hunter, despite being a senior feline.

Dogs also will appreciate old sock handiwork. You can create cute dolls by stuffing two socks that you tie in a cross formation. If you like to get fancy, you can build a head, dress it or just leave it as a cross-shaped sock toy. My dogs love to play with them.

Old mismatched socks are excellent for designing sock puppets to help entertain children. Sew pretty buttons for eyes, yarn for hair, felt for gluing on a mouth are just some thoughts to repurpose those old, odd socks for hand puppets to finger puppets. You can also make outfits for them with any scrap material you may have in your sewing box or from an old piece of clothing you plan on cutting up for rags.

Light bulbs that burn out can be too hot or can break leaving pieces in the socket that can be dangerous to touch. Instead of possibly hurting yourself trying to remove it, you can keep your hand safe by wearing an old sock to take it out or replace the hot one.

Instead of keeping a collection of those old odd socks around the house, I have left you with just some creative ideas to repurpose them.  Let me know if you have anything new regarding your old odd socks to repurpose them.


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