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Those that know me well will tell you that when I am not writing that I am reading. Recently, I discovered a new author with Kate Clayborn and her latest book called Love Lettering, which is a contemporary romance that promises the reader something different in how two unlikely and lonely people, Meg Mackworth that does custom hand-lettering and Reid Sutherland, a quantitative analyst will meet and gradually interpret the signs to eventually become a couple.

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I gave Clayborn credit for writing about such a unique occupation of a letterer of custom journals and the like with a heroine that not only is artistic in her designs, but also one that is intuitive to see signs that other people may miss. For the most part, Meg Mackworth never let her insight interfere with her work. Yet, she couldn’t help control herself picking up the signs one marriage was doomed when designing a wedding program for the hero, Reid Sutherland and his fiancé. Without realizing what she was doing, she left clues in her work, which is where the novel starts with Reid returning to her business one year later for answers on how she knew his marriage would fail.

Though both souls are suffering in their own ways, they slowly connect to become friends as they inspire each other and then become more, helping another to grow in the process. Together, they follow the signs and take clues from another as their relationship deepens and turns to love. Meg and Reid complete each other in this charming road to romance in a way that will makes a reader feel good.

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Claiborne does an excellent job in characterization in breathing life into Meg and Reid with her strong voice with bits of humor thrown in at times. Sometimes, she does get carried away over describing and concentrating on the mechanics of lettering, but it reads very well in the story as it unfolds to touch the heart.

Have you read Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn yet? If so, how do you feel about his book?  You can find it here.


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