Sagging Skin Care Tips for Help in Looking Younger

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Regardless of how hard we try, time has a way of catching up with us. Be that as it may, our faces pay the price with sagging skin from gravity, the inherited genes that we are born with, yo-yo dieting to forgetting about how swiftly collagen and elastin that support the skin’s structure can be compromised from sun damage. Though it is inevitable, it is not hopeless because there are some helpful skin care tips that can keep your face and body looking younger.

Unless you want to go under the knife, you always have a less invasive option such as a laser treatment. The reason a laser proves so promising for loose skin is that its heat can go deep enough through the various layers to stimulate collagen production. I haven’t tried a laser for any wrinkles, but used a Tria home laser (the Tria Laser 4X) that I personally bought for a few blonde chin hairs and it honestly works. Therefore, I plan to look into their anti-aging laser to see if this one is as promising for those results as my other one.

I have heard conflicting views on doing facial exercises. Some people claim how putting your facial muscles through certain movements can help. One theory is all that stretching is more of a minimal effect than a surgical procedure. What they suggest is it can improve the appearance of scars by how that pulling thins the area of the scar more than for anti-aging.

A second theory is that facial exercises can do more harm than good for this problem. The reason behind this is facial muscles are thinner than some thicker body muscles such as in our legs and buttock area that can be built up by exercise. What I am saying is that those thinner facial muscles can’t react to the exercise in the same way as those thicker body muscles. For instance, examine your own face or a face you know for where the wrinkles are prominent. If you have a deep crease between the brow area, you might be accelerating wrinkles from overworking the muscles by narrowing your brows a lot from habitual anger, frowning or showing skepticism. The same goes for people that smile a lot with all the movements that they put their mouth through with extra stress to those muscles.

You also need to consider the way that you sleep. If you have a habit of sleeping on your side or on your stomach, then you risk the likelihood of flabby skin by how that facial skin can pull as you toss and turn. The safest way to sleep to avoid sagging skin is sleeping on your back with your head on a satin pillowcase. The less friction that you put your face through by rolling and moving through the night, the better your chances of keeping a younger face. Satin also is a better material for your pillowcase because it allows the face to glide more easily than a cotton that can cause the skin stretching and that problem of sagging skin.

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Another defensive move against this concern is remembering the importance of not leaving your house without regularly applying a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 or hopefully higher such as 50. The earlier in life that you start using SPF daily, the less accumulated sun damage you will have. However, getting in the daily sunscreen habit followed by a second line of protection with a vitamin C serum or moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients to boost depleted collagen and elastin such as with antioxidants, peptides or retinol can be helpful to the cause of keeping loose skin at bay.

Such aging skin can also benefit through the artful use of makeup for creating the illusion of a more youthful face. Highlighting products are indispensable when used correctly. For example, you can draw attention away from sagging skin such as in the jowl area by lifting the eyes upward through highlighting the cheekbones with light.

One piece of advice that I have is about highlighting for those with problem skin. You may want to skip using a highlighting product all together for this method of handling sagging skin. This is because it could cause more attention on those skin issues. Instead, I recommend handling your sagging skin problem with a lighter shade of foundation or concealer in the same way. This switch will still draw the eyes upward, but not place as much of a focus on your acne or scarring by how gently this method does it.

By the way, there is also a contouring trick that really can surprise you for improving the look of drooping skin in the jowl area, cheeks and neck. Makeup can work small miracles to fool eyes when you find the right technique, product and practice.

Getting older is just a part of living. Though we must experience it, we don’t necessarily need to live with baggy skin–and hopefully what I shared will help.


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