Savage CBD Products Review for Pain Relief


Savage CBD Products Natural Pain Relief


Those that are looking for natural alternatives to help with pain management know some formulas can be hit or miss. If you’re debating about trying hemp derived CBD, then the quality of the extracted cannabidiol and third-party lab testing is even more important to guarantee the product you are buying is the purest and most effective form. I had the opportunity to put a few Savage CBD products to the test on my own aches and pains. Therefore, if you also suffer and are interested in safe topical relief that works directly on the skin and joints without entering the blood stream, then read this review of three of their strongest formulations with their Essentials by Savage Full Spectrum CBD topical products.

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Savage CBD is a company that goes a step further to safeguard their formulas from any pesticides, heavy metals and solvents through the most stringent CO2 extraction process to their own testing before turning it over to an outside independent lab for further testing. Furthermore, Savage CBD shares those lab results on the company’s website for consumers to read to show as much transparency as possible.

The first Savage CBD product I tried was their Essential Roll-On Full Spectrum CBD with 750 mg for the deepest penetration for sore muscles and inflammation. What I like is the convenience of keeping a roll-on handy on my night stand when you start aching for a swift treatment. Besides the most potent form of CBD they sell, this product also has aloe and cooling essential oils.

When I first tried the Savage CBD Essentials Roll-On, I didn’t notice the relief I had expected, only more of a mild sensation of tingling in where it was applied. However, I was getting cold and rushed to put my clothes on before the product fully dried.

The next time that I experimented with this product, I waited longer until it fully dried. This time, I felt the soothing warmth it offered, later followed by somewhat of gentle tingling vibrations in my muscles, which felt comforting.

I also got to experience the Essentials Full Spectrum Lavender Citrus Lotion with 300 mg of CBD. This was a relaxing way to follow up after a bath to calm body and mind while relieving dryness, especially before bedtime. The CBD, essential oils, vitamins, aloe, and flower extracts helped induce sleep with how the ingredients aided my muscles as well as for its aromatherapy.

Another of the Savage CBD products I wanted to try was their Essentials Full Spectrum Balm. This is great form that comes in a tin pot. It smells awesome with coconut and lavender and is the perfect size for throwing into your bag to carry with you when traveling.

This site recently started offering a subscription-based program for customers to receive a monthly shipment of CBD products. Savage CBD offers three different tiers with a variety of products in each for customers to select from. Tier one is $39.99 with about three products geared for the novice CBD use. Tier two is $89.99 on  average with four to five products of good strength and tier three is $199.99 a month with the best strength and newest five to six products.

To get acquainted with Savage CBD topical products, use my coupon code BCK15 to save 15% off any order, including sale items and the sub box. There is no expiration date and it is valid for one time per user.

Everybody reacts to products and medications differently, but I liked how these Savage CBD products worked on my own pain. All I can tell you is to give this company a try if you also have your share of aches and pains because it could be the topical nonprescription natural pain relief solution that may help better your life.



  1. cc
    January 5, 2020 / 9:02 am

    “self-confessed perfumista.”

    I’m willing to bet part of your issues and inflammation is caused by all the endless, countless toxins in your perfumes, and most everything else scented that you use. Don’t believe it? Easy research will open your eyes. Even Susan G. Komen got called out when her breast cancer company released a perfume “in honor” of breast cancer survivors, only to have to pull her perfume because, yeah, it’s full of breast cancer promoting and/or causing chemicals. Again, that story is out there for your finding. It’s an evil world out there, kids. Only 100% natural essential oils for scents. Good luck.

    • nuts4stuff
      January 6, 2020 / 3:28 am

      You make a valid point. In fact, I do make it a point to tell people to research product labels for suspect ingredients, especially for beauty products.

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