Stress Coping Advice That Really Works

Stress Coping Advice You'll Want to Keep Handy


Regardless of your achievements, wealth, beauty, popularity or successful love life, no one ever manages to totally conquer stress. For some reason, this emotion is one that we all seem to have problems with at times. Thus, I thought to share some helpful stress coping advice that really works when you feel that adrenaline and cortisol kicking into action.

Number one on this list of stress coping advice is hugs. When feeling overwhelmed, a simple embrace from that physical contact can provide comfort to do wonders for health. This can be seen in blood pressure and heart rate slowing down from their previous anxious state to how the brain releases oxytocin (the love hormone) in response to that consoling hug. Sometimes, the best thing that you can take to help you feel better can come from another’s arms.

Second on this list of stress coping advice is releasing pent-up anger that you may be holding onto. Harboring grudges and inner resentment only hurts you. A hatred and resentment burrow into you and have a habit of dominating your thoughts. Think of how much better use you could put that negative energy too if you could release that angry grudge weighing you down like a dead weight? Let me illustrate, compare a grudge to clinging onto a hot iron in your hand that you can’t let go of because you want to throw it at that person that caused your anger. Imagine how much better you would feel if you could let go instead of waiting with that burning iron for your chance to strike back?

Number three on this list of stress coping advice is looking inward at yourself when you start feeling upset or anxious and learning to steady your heartbeat and breathing. Place your left hand over your heart and take slow, and calming breathes in silence. Tell yourself it will be all right. Sometimes, a little compassion shown to ourselves can be what it takes to reduce fear and anger to let us move past the stress.

The fourth piece of stress coping advice that definitely helps is making a habit out of relaxation before bedtime. No matter if you have unfinished work or chores that could benefit, your own state of mind is more important before sleep. Watch a television program, read a few chapters of a good book, listen to some soothing music, a leisurely soak in your tub or have a cup of herbal tea. What is important is that you turn off your brain from stress and problems of your day to escape. Granting yourself permission can give you something to look forward to once implemented into your daily ritual for a happier state of mind.

Stress is nothing to joke about. Each of us needs to take our stress response more seriously to safeguard our mental and physical health. Hopefully, you’ll keep this stress coping advice in mind because nothing is more important than good health.


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