A Few of the Worst Style Mistakes to Avoid

Style Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Look Dog
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Our clothes make a statement in how the world perceives us. If we want the pieces that we wear to speak favorably about us, then it is important to avoid needless style mistakes that can sabotage us. For that reason, let me help clarify about those little fashion no-nos we often do without noticing. Here are just a few of the worst style mistakes to avoid.

Let me start with shoes. You might have the best pair that works with the outfit, but if they are not properly taken care of, it reflects poorly on you. Check your shoes for scuffs, a dusting of dirt, a damaged heel or missing buckle or a snap, etc. first before putting them on. A simple fix is just paying more attention to the condition after every wear for cleaning, polishing or visiting a shoemaker if you find one or shopping for another pair.

Speaking of shoes, another big mistake is wearing the wrong type such as athletic shoes or flip-flops with a dress. Some women carry or keep a pair of heels at the office. However, I have seen women despite business attire still flopping around looking awkward in both types at the workplace.

Distressed and ripped jeans may look sexy, but there is a limit of how much skin to show. If you wear a pair that has so many rips and holes than fabric to show more skin than the jean, then you are going overboard. Instead of going for a casual undone look, the look becomes sloppy and cheap.

Jewelry can pose another problem for worst style mistakes to avoid. Size of the piece matters, but this can often be forgotten when following trends of what is in fashion. For example, if you are a large woman or just have a big bust, then you can wear larger jewelry or chunkier styles. On the other hand, a small chested woman or someone that is petite would find that a larger piece would practically take up too much of her chest compared to a smaller necklace.

Then again, there are others that simply like to pile on too much jewelry. They can come to work with almost an entire jewelry box with a chestful of necklaces, rings, bracelets so that they make noises such as jingling and jangling when they walk. Sometimes, they add to the tune clicking and clanking from the sound of their shoes on ceramic tiles, hardwood to the drummed out beat against carpet. Too much of anything can be another of these worst style mistakes.

Mixing too many different patterns in the outfit at the same time can distract the eye. Focus on one item that you want to stand out. This is a better way to make a statement outfit.

Before wearing a new piece, check to see if it needs tailoring. Some people fail to take into account the shoes they wore when buying items such as jeans that may not necessarily be the right length wearing with other shoes. Rather than get the new pair hemmed, they make another of the worst style mistakes by letting the length drag practically under their shoes or rolling the bottom up haphazardly just so they can walk.

Another of the worst style mistakes to avoid is one that you probably never think will happen to you. However, there is always a first time. You get so excited wearing the new outfit that you forget to cut off the tags before wearing it. I had a friend that went on his first interview after graduating college in his new suit. I met him later to see how it went when noticing the tags still attached. As you can imagine, his lack of detail to attention did not help him snag that new position.

As simple as they are, neglecting style mistakes can make us look less stylish!


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  1. Melanie B
    January 24, 2024 / 2:13 pm

    I agree with these mistakes, especially for jewelry; I tend to choose smaller necklaces since I’m petite in size. Thanks for sharing!

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