Car Organization Ideas That Can Maximize Storage Space

Car Organization Ideas
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How many of us can use more storage space in the cargo or trunk area of our vehicles? This is especially true if you have a tendency to always seem to buy more or typically transport items than you can stuff in that limited amount of space. If you share this frustrating problem, then I have some car organization ideas to maximize space that can make it easier for carrying and storing what you need.

Whether you have a spacious cargo area or smaller trunk, the first rule of maximizing storage space is keeping what you carry contained. You can buy compartmentalized bins to keep groceries from falling all over and other stuff you transport.  To carry perishables, you can buy two insulated coolers.

However, buying bins is an extra expense when you have a free option available. Go to your grocery store when they are unloading and pick up at least two cardboard boxes to fit the size of your space.  I have two large styrofoam shipping containers for bringing eggs and smaller perishables like cheeses, frozen turkey, meats, and ice cream home. The large styrofoam container can fit taller perishables like a few gallons of milk. These free solutions may not be decorative, but they serve the purpose and save money as other ideas for car organization.

Speaking of using reusable shopping bags, you can keep a smaller box or save an old canvas tote bag reserved in the trunk or cargo area when you empty them. This will keep them always handy in the same place so you don’t forget them for shopping.

If you have a minivan or sports utility vehicle, then you also can hang an organizer from a backseat headrest for your cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, ice scraper and necessities for winter driving, jumper cables, an extra portable umbrella, medical kit, etc.

I used to have one with my minivan, but I now have a small car that makes this car organization tip obsolete. What I do now is recycle a slim plastic laundry detergent bucket for the backseat for toting a folding umbrella, the hand sanitizer, etc.

Finally, it always is a good idea to periodically inspect the typical essentials that you carry at the same time that you vacuum the interior and restock or replace any expired products. This is especially important for items that may be in your medical kit just in case they are needed.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    February 6, 2020 / 11:04 am

    These are great tips. We have a van so it isn’t really an issue but this is great for those with smaller vehicles.

  2. gloria patterson
    February 10, 2020 / 10:00 am

    Some good tips for people that need help …………… My trunk is a mess! It is full of carry bags, cooler bags etc.

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