DIY Thyme-Prune Cough Syrup

DIY Thyme-Prune Cough Syrup to Soothe


Coughing is miserable just by itself let alone with a sore throat, stuffiness and nasal congestion. Of course, you can run to your pharmacy for an over-the-counter cure. Having said that, you could also make a doctor’s appointment and have a long wait while still battling that nagging cough. This is why I thought you would appreciate this my DIY thyme-prune cough syrup my family has found helpful when it happens to us.

The ingredients for this DIY thyme-prune cough syrup are probably ones that you have in your kitchen and pantry already. What you’ll need are dried thyme leaves, a fresh lemon, honey (organic), and prune juice.

Besides having antiseptic abilities, thyme is in this recipe because it helps kill bacteria and controls the muscle spasms.  This is because of its flavonoids as a result of coughing. Lemon juice provides that boost of vitamin C from its ascorbic acid to help dry out some of that excess phlegm. Honey is also important in this DIY thyme-prune cough syrup because it is antibacterial and can also be as soothing as a commercial cough syrup due to its dextromethorphan, which appears in a lot of them. Finally, there is prune juice, which has a lot of potassium to help that irritated lining of the throat and mucous. Furthermore, it also helps cleanse the body of lingering toxins in the system.

I honestly hope that won’t need to use this DIY thyme-prune cough syrup, but it can help give relief.


DIY Thyme-Prune Cough Syrup

1 teaspoon of dried thyme leaves
½ fresh lemon juice
1 cup of prune juice
1/4 cup of organic honey


Heat the prune juice in a small saucepan until it practically boils.

Add the dried thyme leaves next. Let the leaves remain in the heated juice for about 10-15 minutes before straining.

Then add the squeezed fresh lemon juice and honey into the prune juice.

Pour into a new container. I use a clean peanut butter jar that I can lock with the lid for storage in my refrigerator.

Take about two tablespoons every two hours or when needed.



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