Dressing Room Tricks for Leaving the Store Happier

Dressing Room


Shopping for new clothes may be fun. However, once weighed down with a heavy armful of outfits to try on in a small, poorly lit dressing room the initial excitement can change once we see ourselves in the mirror. If you ever felt disappointed modeling the outfits that you thought looked so good on the hanger, then here are some dressing room tricks for leaving the store happier than you may have been in the past.

Once your own clothes come off, you probably stare at your body in disappointment, which I bet that most of us do. After all, we are women and this is what we do. We are never satisfied with our bodies, but the sooner we realize that whatever piece of clothing is not magically going to reshape us, the happier that we’ll be. Keeping that state of mind and more realistic expectations is the goal.

It also pays to wear the right undergarments for the type of outfit you’re considering before trying it on for greater chances of leaving the dressing room happier. You may need more support, lift, extra cleavage, hip-hugging, tummy flattening, etc. What I’m saying is the outfit could look totally different wearing the appropriate undergarments.

Make sure to bend over once you have the outfit on. The reason this is important is because you don’t want the girls popping out from too low of a neckline. Neither do you want to risk your derriere packed in too tightly to strain the material and flatten the shape of your booty. Bending over helps test a comfortable fit.

The tiny bench in the dressing room is another way to test the fit of pants or jeans. Sitting down can clue you into how low the pants were cut as well as how tight. If you feel an air gap in the back from the waistline, this is not an ideal fit for leaving the dressing room happier.

Checking the care tags of new clothing is something we often tend to neglect. Nonetheless, you can save yourself time and trouble by remembering to examine them before a visit to the dressing room, only to be disappointed later discovering it is dry clean only. Then again, you may not care for all the extra expense this outfit could run. Yet, it is something to consider.

Another of these dressing room tricks for better shopping results is examining how well the fabric of that item moves. Try lunging and other body movements with that item you’re debating over while in the dressing room because it is just as important as bending and sitting. Testing it in this way will help you determine if this piece can keep up with you during a normal day without feeling awkward.

You also should inspect the clothing for construction flaws. How are the seams sewn? Are there any problems with the zipper? Check the item for hanging strings. Look for any missing buttons or a poorly done hem. Flaws such as those reflect poor quality that you are best to save yourself from.

Just like the right undergarments, trying clothes on with the wrong shoes can present a distorted image of what you would look like wearing that dress in real life with better shoes such as a great pair of heels.

Finally, I have one last piece of advice that is not to be a stickler about sizes. Brands are cut differently. Take what you believe to be your size, one smaller and another larger size with you to try on is the last of these dressing room tricks for leaving the store happier.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    February 13, 2020 / 1:01 pm

    These are great things to remember when clothes shopping. LOL at “you don’t want the girls popping out”

    February 16, 2020 / 1:20 pm

    Great tips, I will use as I often have to return something after I get it home.

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