Fight Pain Naturally: Tips to Stop Suffering

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Pain is nothing to take lightly, especially if it is chronic or if you’re a woman. Thanks to our unique hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, we can feel pain longer and often more severely according to the research than our male counterparts.  Thus, if you’re trying to curb your dependence on over-the-counter medications for pain because of what continual use may be doing to your stomach, liver and kidneys, then let me share these tips on how to fight pain naturally.

One of the most important things that you may want to try to find relief is to examine your diet. Chronic pain often comes from inflammation. In fact, the pain can become worse after eating because the wrong food can be creating more inflammation to add to your suffering. Let’s face it, but the average American diet consists of plenty of carbs, unhealthy fats and processed foods, which amounts to us getting more cytokines. Cytokines are the very stuff that increase inflammation. Instead, you might want to change your normal diet and opt for anti-inflammatory foods such as in a Mediterranean diet. After all, food is like medicine in how our body can respond. You may not notice changes overnight, but may discover that the longer you remain loyal to that new diet, the less pain you experience.

Another way to fight pain naturally is through sleep. When you fail to get enough sleep, your body pays the price. To begin with, missing a few hours can cause you to become more sensitive to pain. Furthermore, there have been studies linking missed nightly sleep to developing rheumatoid arthritis, acid reflux, migraines, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure just to name a few. Sleep is so vital because it is the body’s time to repair itself. For this purpose, you may be able to fight pain naturally just with a bit more sleep. Even just aiming for one extra of sleep a night can make a difference for some people.

Then again, you may be under the assumption that you get plenty of sleep at night by exceeding the recommended eight hours. Just because you sleep an extra hour or two doesn’t mean that you are waking up to get that solid eight-hour rest thanks to bathroom trips, an uncomfortable mattress, too much caffeine to stressful thoughts robbing you of it. You may find it helpful to drink less caffeine at dinner, getting a new mattress or relaxing before bedtime with a television show, book or music can make for a more restful sleep.

Pain is aggravating that it affects your mood. However, when you hurt, you may be more irritable because a suffering body cannot relax. Besides, anxiety, pain causes muscle tension, elevated heart rate, and rushing adrenaline flowing through you. Regardless, there is still a way to fight pain naturally once you learn how to teach your body to relax.

To illustrate, you can use the power of touch for calming and dulling pain such as petting your dog or cat. The bond between a pet owner and pet is a strong one. The action of petting your furry friend releases the love hormone, oxytocin from the pituitary gland. This contact between human and animal can produce a sense of well-being and calmness that can help fight pain naturally.

Massage of pressure points such as myotherapy is something that I highly recommend. You may surprise yourself at what pressing muscles that are in spasms can do to fight pain naturally. This is wonderful to try for treating headaches, jaw pain, lower back pain, etc. I found it worked miracles on me.

Biofeedback therapy may also be another solution to fight pain naturally by learning how to control the body when experiencing the pain. A trained therapist attaches electrodes to the body and interprets muscle tension, breathing, heart rate, and brain waves. Accordingly, you are taught how your body reacts to recognize and employ different ways of breathing and handling the pain in stages to minimize it.

Pain is a sign that your body is in distress. Neither should you ignore what the hurt is telling you. Hopefully, the information shared with these tips on how to fight pain naturally can help you. Yet, it is not meant to diagnose pain, only your physician has the expertise to do that so, please keep that in mind.




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